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Everything You Need For Your New Maltipoo Puppy


Everything You Need For Your New Maltipoo Puppy

Are you getting a Maltipoo? Maybe you’re wondering what the best Maltipoo bed is or perhaps  what the best sized crate is for a Maltipoo? Here we take a look at the breed and its characteristics and then discuss what you will need to buy, ready to welcome them home.


Maltipoo Characteristics

The Maltipoo is a cute bundle of fur, a mix between the Maltese and the Poodle. They are a small dog breed with floppy ears and the curly coat of their poodle ancestry. Maltipoos are a popular crossbreed known for their affectionate nature and playful personality. They will fit into many kinds of home too, from apartments through to larger family homes; and suit both single parents and families with children.  They are friendly, not only towards humans, but other animals too, so would make a great addition to a multi-pet household. Being affectionate, they do not like being left alone for long; something to bear in mind if you work a lot.


Maltipoo Puppy sitting on the lawn


A list of things you need for a Maltipoo puppy

Puppy Carrier - Travelling safely with your puppy is imperative and a must when it comes to collecting them and bringing them home. A compact puppy carrier that can be belted into the backseat of the car is ideal. If you can collect with someone else so you can sit with them in the backseat all the better so you can keep them company on the journey home. We love the fabric carriers by Trixie as they have a mesh panel to see your puppy inside, they’re not too big and they have a handy shoulder strap. This will come in handy for trips to the Vet and other journeys too.

Trixie puppy carrier  Trixie Killian Puppy carrier

Scent blanket -  A small scent blanket is a useful purchase even before you collect puppy. We’d suggest giving one to your breeder a couple of weeks before you collect them, so it can be left with puppy and mum. Then when you bring them home with the scent blanket, they’ll return with the scent of Mum too - a lovely comfort when they’re settling in to their new environment.

Puppy Scent blanketPuppy scent blanket


Travel Bowl or Feeding Set  - If you’re travelling a long way to collect your new Maltipoo puppy, then you’ll need some feeding accessories for the journey, even if it’s just to give them a drink of water. A travel bowl is an essential for journeys along with a pet water bottle, not just for this journey but all journeys in the future. You could even invest in a travel dining set by Mobile Dog Gear which have all kinds of feeding accessories for eating and drinking on the road!


Dexas PopWare snack cup and water bottle with pop-up dishOverland Dog Gear Dine Away Dog Feeding Set   Overland Dog Gear Ultimate Week Away Duffle feeding accessories for dogs


Dog Crate - The best sized crate for a Maltipoo is 30” long. The medium size in either our L&L deluxe crate or the Ellie-Bo Deluxe dog crate is ideal. This size will be big enough for your puppy when they grow into an adult.


Top Tip - To begin with we’d set up the crate with a Puppy Bed in one half and a puppy pad in the other - not to encourage them to toilet in their crate, but rather as a precaution, especially during the night. When they are fully toilet trained and used to their crate you can swap out the puppy bed and pad for a full sized cushion. Don’t forget a crate bowl for water. The Ellie-Bo crate bowls can be attached to the bars of the crate which will help prevent spillages.


 Deluxe Double Door Dog Crate      Ellie-Bo Crate Bowls  Puppy Pads


Puppy Bed A puppy bed to fit in one half of the crate will be best for your Maltese puppy. Our Half Crate Bed in the medium size has been designed especially to fit exactly half the crate. When you come to swap it out for a full size crate cushion, you can use the half size bed outside the crate somewhere else around the house. Puppy’s can never have too many beds for lounging!!

Truffle puppy bedsnuggle plush puppy bedL&L half crate puppy bed

Dog Crate Cover - A crate cover might be one of the best things you buy to help with crate training your new Maltese puppy. Covering the crate gives new puppies privacy and a feeling of security. The roll down doors also help them to understand when bedtime is coming and will keep out early morning light too. The best dog crate cover for puppies is an oilcloth crate cover. These are really practical as they simply wipe clean. We make them in a variety of stylish fabrics to suit any home; all in fabrics to match the Half Crate Puppy Beds!


cosmo dog crate cover     grey spot dog crate cover    Honey Bee dog crate cover by Lords & Labradors


Puppy Plush Toy - Puppies love to snuggle and play and plush toys are great for both of these activities. We especially love the Heart Beat Sheep and Warm Bear as they both have calming, comforting features for new puppies. The former has a “heartbeat” that mimics the feel of mum, whilst the latter has a warming feeling that offers a “warm hug”! They’ll become your new Maltipoo’s best friends in no time!



Little Buddy Heart Beat SheepLittle Buddy Warm Bear

Puppy Chew Toy - Puppy’s can chew for a number of reasons; inquisitiveness, boredom and teething. If you don’t provide some specific chew toys, you may find they’ll chew their bedding or even your furniture! Some of the best chew toys for puppies and dogs are made by KONG. We especially love the puppy sized Classic KONG as well as the Teething Stick and Binkie.   


KONG Puppy BinkieKONG Puppy Teething StickKONG puppy activity ball


First Puppy Walking Set - Lead training might not happen straight away, but you will need a lead and harness ready. We love the Hi & Light harness by Ruffwear as it gives great stability, comfort and control when puppy is learning to walk on a lead. Match with the Ruffwear Front Range Lead and you’re all set to start lead training.

puppy harness by Ruffwear Ruffwear front range dog lead

Other Products for a Maltipoo Puppy

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