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Everything You Need For Your New Pug


Everything You Need For Your New Pug

Are you about to become the proud parent of a puppy pug?! First of all, congratulations; you have super exciting times ahead, getting to know your new furry family member. Of course, they are a big responsibility and you’re probably also anxious to make sure you get everything just right. Here we take a look at the origins of the breed, some famous owners and of course look at the breed characteristics to help you decide what you will need to have prepared for the arrival of your new little one.




Pugs are a lovely breed, originally bred as companion pets for the ruling families of China. Through the ages they became popular with the Royal families of Europe and may well have been bred with the old type Kind Charles Spaniel, giving the modern King Charles Spaniel its Pug characteristics. Famous owners of Pugs have included William Hogarth and Queen Victoria of England. The Queen’s involvement with dog’s helped to establish the Kennel Club.

Pugs are a small breed with shorter snouts and prominent brow ridges. They can be susceptible to eye injuries and like other brachycephalic breeds, they can suffer from breathing difficulties. We’d suggest regular Vet checks if you’re unsure of the health of your pug and swapping out a collar and lead for a harness to help relieve any stress on their breathing when out walking.

Known for their charming personality, pugs are strong willed but rarely aggressive and they make wonderful family pets. Pugs are playful and love human interaction, making them perfect companions.


Puppy Pug Shopping List

We would suggest a 30" metal crate with L&L furnishings. Initially pop a puppy bed in one half and a puppy pad in the other with a water bowl. This is the ideal setup for crate training and the nighttime routine as your puppy won't be able to hold themselves all the way through the night. As they grow older and become potty trained, you can swap out the puppy bed and pads for a full size crate cushion - your puppy will love their den well into adulthood!


Lords and Labradors Crate Set


Pug puppy bed

When it comes to selecting a bed for your new pug puppy, there are two things to bear in mind. The first is that pugs are prone to joint issues as they grow up, especially involving their hip joints. For this reason, choosing a bed for your pup that can provide the right amount of support and cushioning under their body while they sleep can make a big difference. The second factor to consider is hygiene. Pug puppies and senior pugs may be prone to anything from a full accident to small dribbles of pee while they sleep. With this in mind, choosing a bed that has a removable and fully washable cover is always a good idea. We would suggest a bed like the Cosy & Calm Puppy Box Bed in either small or medium size.


Puppies in a cosy and calm puppy box bed


Puppy pads for pugs

Pugs are highly intelligent dogs and typically fairly easy to potty train. That being said, puppy training pads are a must have for new puppies. Although training your pug to do their business outside should be quite straightforward, accidents are unavoidable when bringing home a new pug. For this reason, training pads should be put on the floor of your puppy’s crate at nighttime for the first few weeks, as well as in their playpen and near a door during the day. When used correctly, these pads make the potty training period quick, clean and hassle-free.

puppy on a puppy pad


Pug playpen

Pug puppies are full of energy, sometimes making it difficult to keep an eye on them when you need to attend household chores. In this regard, a playpen can be a great help. Giving your pup plenty of space to play in while also allowing you to restrict them to one area of the home or garden and keep an eye on them with ease, playpens can help new pug pups feel more secure in their new environment, providing them with a space aside from their crate that they can call their own.

When it comes to choosing the right size pen, it’s important to remember that you need to be able to comfortably fit a bed and a water bowl in the pen, as well as enough room to play. As a rule, we would recommend selecting a playpen that provides between 3.5 and 5 square metres of space for your pug to play in.


Best feeding bowls for pugs

Being deep chested, your pug will eat and drink more comfortably from a slightly raised bowl. The white wooden dining set in the small size, for example, is ideal for pug puppies. The metal bowls are removable and washable, making it super practical, and the white wooden frame will look stylish in any interior.


Pug puppy accessories

The first items new puppy owners need to buy include collars, leads and harnesses.  We particularly like the Front Range harness by Ruffwear for the pug breed. A harness will offer support and comfort when walking your pup and stop any stress around the neck area caused when using a traditional collar and lead. Try the Hi & Light design when they're a tiny puppy and size up to a Front Range harness as they grow into an adult.

From a grooming point of view, Animology clean sheets are a great idea for pugs. Pugs have naturally wrinkly faces and clean sheets from Animology are a practical and easy way to keep them clean. They are vitamin enriched and great for deodorising and degreasing. Totally puppy safe, they are handy to have with you when travelling too, to keep your pup clean on the move.

Pugs also have soft paw pads, and walking on concrete and other rough surfaces can irritate them. The Wildwash Paw Balm is a natural balm that will keep their paws healthy and soft. A must-have for your pug grooming kit.


French Bulldog in a harness


Pug puppy toys

Pugs are happy to go with the flow and do pretty much what their owner does. This can mean lazing in front of the tv and not being the most active. However, it’s important to play with your pug and keep them as active as possible. It’s good for their brain stimulation as well as helping to keep their weight consistent. A KONG puppy teething stick is a great addition to their toy box. It will keep teething puppies occupied whilst offering fun at the same time.

Puppies love playing ball and this offers an interactive game with their human family members. This Kong ball has a hole in which you can stuff with treats or peanut butter for tasty playtime fun!


Best Pug puppy training treats

Pugs are famously unfussy when it comes to food. However, this can be to their detriment as they are also susceptible to a number of diet-related health conditions. For this reason, knowing which treats are best for your new pug pup is vitally important. Here at Lords & Labradors, we suggest starting your new pup with either low-calorie Pooch & Mutt Puppy Development Treats or Organic Pet Munchies Dog Training Treats. Remember, your new pug will spend the first few months of their lives constantly learning and developing, and training treats should only be used to encourage good behaviour.

Of course this isn’t the definitive list of everything you need for your new pug, but rather a list of things that will suit the pug breed specifically. Also think about their food; your breeder should let you know what your pup has grown up eating and it’s probably best to stick with that, at least for the first few months. Our Welcome to the World Puppy Packs are also worth a look for some of the other items to think about when adopting a new puppy.


cute pug on a blanket

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