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Designed For The Road - Car Seat Covers


Designed For The Road - Car Seat Covers

We’re pretty much through the transitional from Summer into Autumn. We’ve officially seen the Autumn equinox and the climate is most certainly cooler and a little damper. But who doesn’t love a dewy morning dog walk? Or a wander through the woods as the leaves have changed from green to golden brown and red?! With the changing climate comes the change in weather and we’ve already got out our Dubarry’s and wax jackets hooked at the back door ready for Winter walks. But what other Autumn essentials might you need for canine adventures in the great outdoors at this time of year? We’ve talked about a few different accessories in our mini Designed for the Road Series, this week it’s Car Seat Covers.

Car seat covers are perfect at this time of year. When your four-legged friends jump back in the car, any wet or muddy paws will mark the cover and not your precious car furnishings. Not only this, but they double up as seat covers for any dirty jobs. So you’ll be prepared for everything such as a trip to the recycle yard or a day at the garden centre.

So, what are the options you may ask?

  1. Kurgo Bench Seat Cover

This handy seat cover sits over the back seat of your car, keeping muddy, wet paws at bay. The cover is made from a durable waterproof fabric and features double-stitched seams, piped edges and practical pockets where you can store some puppy wipes or other canine essentials. The car seat cover is 1.4m wide and will fit over the seats of most cars. Available in black or Hampton Sand to suit the interior and style of all cars, this will become a must-have item for any dog owner come winter.

  1. Kurgo Wander Hammock

If you have a larger dog or just want the ultimate protection for the back of your car the wander hammock might be more appropriate. This style covers both the back seat and the backs of the front seats, and there are Velcro openings where you can attach your dog’s seatbelt. Six attachment points will keep the hammock firmly in place. Made from a waterproof and washable fabric, the hammock is durable and stain resistant; easy to install and remove. It comes in a handy travel bag so when you first leave for your travels (and your dog is sparkly clean) it will be easily stored in the car with your other travel things. There are Velcro openings where you can attach your dog’s seatbelt.

Available in black and Hampton sand to suit any car interior.

  1. Kurgo Cargo Cape

If you prefer to travel with your dog in the boot rather than the back seat, then the Cargo Cape is the option for you. This sit over the back seat and on the floor of your boot and has a practical lip that fold forwards to protect your car bumper from your dog’s paws as they climb in. Like the Wander Hammock and the Bench Seat Cover, the Cargo Cape is crafted from a durable waterproof fabric. The piped seams and edges are particularly well designed to retain water and dirt, so it doesn’t roll off onto your vehicle’s carpets. A universal size to fit any car boot, the cape features pockets to store any dog walking accessories like your lead and poop bags, but also any cleaning items like Animology Clean Sheets and a fragranced spray. Available in Hampton Sand to complement any car interior.



kurgo bench seat cover    kurgo wander hammock    kurgo cargo cape


Don’t forget that whichever you choose, you will still need to make sure your dog is secure in the car, either in a crate or with a doggy seatbelt or car harness. The law now requires that all dogs are travelled securely in the car for both their and your safety.

Once you have a car cover, you’ll wonder how you managed without. No more scrubbing paw prints from your car’s furnishings! You’ll be able to just pop these covers in the wash whilst your car stays spotless. And as mentioned before, the covers are practical for all sorts of other household chores; making that trip to the builder’s merchants or garden centre that little easier to clean up after.

If you have any questions about this blog, do get in touch. We’re always happy to help, no matter how big or small the query. If you’re looking for other travel items not mentioned in this blog, then do go back and catch up with the other articles in the series. We’ve covered everything from travel crates to drying coats…

Finally, we’d love to hear about your experiences travelling with your pet. Whether it’s about one of our products or just a random story about adventures with your four-legged family members. Message us on social, send us your pictures; we might even post your image on our own social channel (with your permission of course!)

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