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Will This Dog Bed Be The Right Size For My New Puppy?


Will This Dog Bed Be The Right Size For My New Puppy?

You’re preparing to bring home a new puppy; there are super exciting times ahead, but also lots of things to consider and prepare. You might be wondering what size Everything to buy! Well don’t panic, we’re to help and hopefully take some of the stress of the preparation away. In this blog we’re going to look at beds for puppies, the various sizes available and which will be right for you. There are many types of bed in all shapes and sizes, but we particularly like soft fleecy beds for our puppies as they can snuggle into them and they can also be used inside crates.


Lords & Labradors Puppy Crate Bed

We have designed the perfect crate bed. Our puppy crate beds fit into exactly one half of your crate leaving room for a puppy pad and water bowl in the other half - the best crate set-up for crate training and the nighttime routine. The beds are super squicht and comfortable with a padded wall allowing your puppy to snuggle in the corner. Available in some of our signature prints so you can choose one ton match your crate cover. The top of the bed is covered in cosy sherpa fleece... the puppy bed of dreams! 


the bed can even be used outside the crate - pop it anywhere your puppy enjoys sleeping around the house.


Available in small, medium and large to fit 24", 30" and 36" crates respectively. 


puppy crate set with mini dachshund   chihuahua sitting a lords and labradors puppy crate bed


Truffle Bed

The truffle bed is a super snuggly square shaped soft bed and perfect for little puppies. It comes in two sizes of which the small is a good first soft beds for little ones. It’s also small and squishy enough to fit inside crates for initial crate training. In neutral colours the bed will look great in any interior.



Small 18” – perfect for puppies and small dogs

Medium 24” – a good size for large breed puppies such as Labradors and medium sized dogs.


Snuggle Plush

The snuggle plush bed is similar to the truffle bed in that the inside is lined in a teddy bear soft Sherpa fleece. This design is a round shaped bed and comes in three sizes. The first two sizes are similar to the truffle bed sizes and there is a larger 32” bed which is suitable for larger adult breeds too.



Small 20” – puppies and small breed dogs

Medium 25” – large breed puppies and medium sized dogs

Large 32” – medium to large breed dogs


My First Bed

The My First Bed is a luxury puppy bed with a more structured shape than the previous two beds. It has a host of features including a removable ring for when your puppy grows so you won’t have to upgrade to a bigger size too soon. It also has a space for a heat pad (sold separately) which will mimic the warmth of Mum. This will offer comfort when your nervous puppy comes home for the first time. The bed is covered in a lovely cream Sherpa fleece. It’s a perfect size for medium to larger breed puppies and will fit inside a large size crate if you wish to use it for crate training in the first few months.


Dimensions: 26cm x 54cm approximately.


truffle bed puppy bed  puppy snuggle plush bed  My First Bed    


These are our favourite beds for new puppies and the beds we recommend when first bringing your puppy home. They are all durable and washable so if your puppy has an accident it isn’t the end of the world. Once your pup is a little older and fully potty trained you can then think about upgrading their puppy bed. Many people choose one of our very own crate cushions which can be used inside and outside the crate and come in a range of fabrics, prints and colour options.


If you have any other questions about the beds, or want to know something else puppy related, do get in touch. We are here every weekday during in office hours and will be happy to assist in way way we can. If you are looking for other puppy thngs then have alittle look arounf our Puppy Section which includes our Welcome to the World Puppy Packs. These  include a selection of essentials to help prepare you for your new arrival.

Welcome to the World Puppy Essential Packs

Puppy Essentials Pack - Toy/Small Breeds
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Puppy Essentials Pack - Medium Breeds
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Puppy Essentials Pack - Large/Giant Breeds
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