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Festive Feline Collection - Christmas Toys & Treats for Cats


Festive Feline Collection - Christmas Toys & Treats for Cats

Christmas is coming and we're rather excited about it here in the L&L offices. We can almost smell the scent of pine needles and mulled wine in the air! With another lockdown just around the corner, we are staying positive by starting our festive preparations early. You may already have seen our Christmas Grotto which opened in the last few weeks. It's full of goodies to make your pets' Christmas as special as possible. Here we thought we'd highlight the corner of our Grotto dedicated to cats. We've sourced some fabulous catnip toys and tasty treats, all with a festive twist, to make their holiday season a great one.

Here we present some of our favourite picks from the collection!


Cat sitting under the christmas tree surrounded by baubles and a christmas sack


KONG Christmas Toys for Cats

KONG are possibly most famous for their dog toys, but their cat toys are just as amazing! KONG have thought about all of the things that cats love in their range of toys and have designed products for them to hunt, chase and pounce on:

KONG Holiday Crackles Pal Mouse - This super cute mouse is filled with enticing catnip and will have your cat chasing around for hours on end. The mouse wears a festive Santa hat and a striped scarf. 

KONG Holiday Laser Lights Teaser - This is a great 2-in-1 toy for cats. It is not only a teaser wand toy, but also has the added functionality of a laser light too. We all know a cat or two who love to play with their owners and this toy will give both cat and cat owner, multiple ways to play!

KONG Holiday Kickeroo Reindeer Cuddler - This adorable reindeer toy for cats features a long shape that makes it ideal for kicking and batting around. The shape will allow your cat to kick with front and back legs giving them a full body workout during playtime. The soft plush material will be perfect for snuggles too, when playtime wears them out! 

KONG Holiday crackles pal mouse cat toy with catnipKONG Holiday laser lights teaser wand cat toyKONG Holiday Kickeroo Toy for Cats

Rosewood Christmas Toys for Cats

Rosewood are known for their premium quality products for pets. Their range includes some lovely things for cats and we're really excited about some of the festive themed toys. We just can't decide which is our favourite!

Rosewood Penguin Catnip Grab Toy - How adorable is the Penguin shaped cat toy? It features a plush body and head in a wintery shade of grey as well as a long neck which will allow your cat to bite and bat it around around easily. Inside is high quality catnip to entice your cat for hours of play!

Rosewood Multi Toy Bauble - I think we all know a cat who loves to play with the baubles on the tree, even though they know they're not supposed to! Well now you can treat them to a bauble all of their own. This pretty bauble contains three exciting cat toys. The bauble is hangable so you can keep it on the tree until Christmas Day if you wish, and features frosty colours of silver and blue. 

Rosewood Metallic Feather teaser - Wand toys are great for playtime that involves both cat and owner. This one comes in a wintery silver colour and features a festive gingerbread man toy on the end. There isn't a cat in the land that won't love playing with this cute toy at Christmas!

Rodewood Penguin catnip toyRosewood Multi Toy Bauble cat toyRosewood Metallic Feather Teaser cat toy


Tasty Christmas Cat Treats 

It wouldn't be Christmas without food and it's nice to include out pets in the festive feast wherever possible. Whilst most human foods aren't suitable for our feline friends, there are a number of treats and foods that are made just for them, complete with a festive twist:

Hatchwells Cat Advent Calendar - Let your cat join in with the countdown to Christmas with their very own advent calendar. This one is filled with tasty yoghurt and catnip treats. 

Dreamies Christmas Cat Stocking - You've got the cat advent calendar sorted, but what about their stocking? This version includes tasty Dreamies treats; individual servings that can be stored and saved for the New year - you don't want to give them too many sweets on the big day!

Sheba Christmas Dinner Collection - This is a gift pack of cat foods that are ideal to be served in the run up to the big day and into the new Year. It contains 20 servings of cat food and treats in four tasty flavours; 2 types of creamy snack and two types of cat food in gravy. Your feline's Christmas dinner couldn't be tastier! 


Hatchwells Cat Advent Calendar Dreamies Christmas Cat Stocking with cat treats   Sheba Christmas Dinner Collection - a gift pack of 20 servings of cat food in four tasty flavours.


A few more of our favourite thing for cats...

Happy Pet Fairy Light cat Teaser - This cute cat wand will keep your cats entertained for hours on end with it's fluffy feather trim and foil fairy light decoration. This is a perfect alternative to the KONG one mentioned previously, if you don't want the functionality of the laser.

KONG Holiday Paw Stocking - This paw shaped stocking will look lovely hung on the mantle along with the stockings for the rest of the family. You can pop a number of cat toys and treats inside in preparation for Christmas Day.

L&L Luxury Pet Blanket - The medium size velvet blanket is ideal for cats and small dogs and comes in Teal, Cranberry and a range of other colours. It will add a gorgeous, soft layer of cosiness to your cat's bed or cushion at Christmas. Your cat is sure to enjoy the dreamiest catnaps snuggled on this!



Happy pet fairy light teaser wand cat toyKONG Holiday Paw Stocking for cats and dogsL&L Luxury velvet blanket in teal - luxury blanket for cats and dogs


Christmas is a time of joy for all of the family and that includes our pets. We hope we've given you some great ideas for your cats that will help make their Christmas as special as your own. This year may be a little different for us all, but there's no reason we can't make the absolute most of it and try to enjoy it as much as possible! We've only included some of our highlights from the Festive Feline Collection in this article, but you can find many more delightful things here in our Grotto.


Cat plays with a bauble dangling from a christmas tree

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