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Happy New Year from Lords & Labradors


We just wanted to wish everyone; canine, feline and human, a wonderfully happy New Year. We hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas holiday and enjoy seeing in the New Year tonight. Celebrations may be smaller in scale than previous years, but we’re going to make it special nonetheless, with a glass of bubbles as the clock strikes 12. Here’s looking forward to a fresh start in 2021!


Dog in a Party Hat


New Year’s Resolutions

Will you be making any news year’s resolutions? Perhaps you’ll be aiming to exercise more or be generally healthier. Maybe you want to be more creative or productive. Your pets could help you on your way to achieving some of the goals you set yourself. Here are some ways your pet can join in with your resolutions and make keeping them easier than usual:


Get More Exercise - We all want to be healthier, it’s just sometimes easier said than done! But all dog owners have to take their pups out for daily exercise, so why not increase those walks by ten minutes each and make that goal, to exercise more, easily achievable. We actually love dog walking as it’s a chance to blow the cobwebs away, get some fresh air and enjoy the scenery. You could try going somewhere new for your walks to make them a little different and encourage you to go further. There’s nothing like exploring a new area to keep you and your dog interested!


Person walking their dog


Another way to get more exercise is to extend playtime or make it more active. If you usually play indoors, why not take the fun outside? You could play fetch in the garden with a dog tennis ball or frisbee. You could even take the fun to the park or the beach and really stretch your legs. You’ll be surprised how much exercise you’ll get from this as well as your dog!



dog okaying with a Beco hoop on a Rope dog throwing toy  Dog playing with a Chuckit Rugged Flyer frisbee dog toy


If you’re feeling really adventurous and you have a dog with plenty of stamina, you could try jogging or running with your dog. The Ruffwear Roamer Lead is the ideal walking accessory to help you start your running regime with your dog. This hands-free lead simply wraps around your waste leaving you suitably free to exercise in comfort. The lead has a bungee too so your dog won’t end up pulling you along - it will reduce any impact from speeding up or slowing down too. It’s also a great option for anyone who likes hiking or hill walking.


woman runs with her dog on a roamer leash


Be More Eco-friendly - At Lords & Labradors we are constantly trying our best to reduce waste and be more sustainable. If you’re aim this year is to be more eco-conscious, you can start with the products that you buy for your pets! We stock a number of eco-friendly products from brands including Beco that will help you to achieve your resolution goals. Beco in particular make a whole range of environmentally friendly pet bowls and toys for dogs and cats. Products made from natural rubber and plant-based fibres are kind to the environment and durable.


beco dog bowl  beco cat bowl  


You could also swap out your pets usual treats for a more sustainable option. Brands such as Antos and Earth Animal make eco-sustainable dog chews that are tasty, and kinder to the environment than many other treats.

earth animal dog chew treat   Antos antler dog chew treat

It is also worth checking out your pet’s grooming kit. Wildwash make a wonderful range of all-natural shampoos and balms with no chemical additives. Equally, brands such as Pet Remedy and Wild Dog Co make ethical, all-natural products that will ensure your dog or cat’s grooming regime is kinder to the environment.

Wildwash paw balm wild wash dog shampooWildwash perfume fragrance for dogs

Whatever your resolution, we hope you achieve all of your goals as 2021 begins. Wishing you all the best for the year ahead!

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