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How Do Slow Feeder Dog Bowls Work


How Do Slow Feeder Dog Bowls Work

If your four-legged friend gulps down their food, you may have heard about a ‘Slow Feeder Dog Bowl’. Slow feeder bowls are designed with separations and obstructions so your dog has to use more effort, precision, and time to complete the meal, and ultimately slow their eating down! It is also a dog-friendly puzzle with the ultimate reward - their food!

Slow feeder bowls are useful as they slow your dog down whilst eating, avoiding the risk of bloating and other digestive issues. The physical benefits for your dog are just as rewarding as the emotional benefits for your dog - they also provide mental stimulation which is a great way to keep your dog’s mind occupied.

In this article we discuss how slow feeder dog bowls work and if they’re a good investment for your hungry dog.

Paw shaped slow feeder dog bowl

Pictured: PAW Slow Feeder Activity Bowl

What Is A Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

A slow feeder dog bowl is a bowl which is often shaped and designed to slow your dogs eating down to a healthy pace. The bowls have built in obstructions dotted all around the bowl, designed to slow your dog down and think whilst they navigate how to eat their food. Eager pups often ingest air as well as food when they eat fast which can cause health problems for your pooch. Air in the stomach can cause it to swell up and bloat; If your dog then runs around or plays, they are at a high risk of their stomach flipping over and causing a GDV (medical term - gastric dilatation and volvulus). This is a life-threatening condition which often requires emergency surgery. So anything that will help your eager pooch slow down whilst eating seems a great idea!

Do slow feeder dog bowls work

Mostly, slow feeder bowls do exactly what they say they do - they will slow your dog down whilst eating. Some dogs are slower to master the feeder and you may need to take things in stages. Introduce your dog to the feeder slowly and choose your slow feeder carefully for your dog. Depending on the size of the dog and the size of the food you feed your dog may depend on the feeder you find most suitable. Your dog will need to negotiate around the obstacles so they can eat their food. Some slow feeders may have bumps in the way where as others may look closer to a maze design, you may also find slow feeders in a game or puzzle - all will slow your dog down whilst eating which will lead to better digestion. 


Are slow feeder dog bowls good for dogs

Both the mental and physical stimulation for your dog pose positive health benefits which make slow feeders a winner for you and your pooch. Be sure to work with your dog to get them used to this new way of eating and keep note on how much they’re eating so they don’t over eat or starve. The bowls can be used for both wet and dry foods, so no matter what diet your dog is on, they can be used with ease. Not only do slow feeder dog bowls reduce the risk of health problems and promote healthy digestion, but they make dinner time fun too! 

Investing in a slow feeder dog bowl can be hugely beneficial for both you and your dog, creating fun mealtimes and promoting healthy well-being, keeping you happy and your pooch well fed and comfortable! 

Slow Feeder Dog Bowls

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