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How to Keep Your Pet Cool This Summer


How to Keep Your Pet Cool This Summer

We all love a little summer sunshine. Days by the beach and a paddle in the sea are a summer-holiday-must! Whilst it’s great to get outdoors when the weather is fine, it’s also important to take note of the heat and stay safe - both for you and your pets. Here in Britain we’re expecting a mini heatwave this week, so we thought we’d look at ways to keep your pet cool this Summer…

Offer Plenty of Water

Keeping hydrated in Summer is high on the priority list. Put down a few different bowls of water in various places around the house and garden (wherever your pet is allowed to roam) so they have access to as much fresh drinking water as possible. Keep it in the shade so it stays cool and fresh as long as possible and don’y forget to top-up and change it regularly.

Be Careful of Hot Pavements

On the hottest days, walk your dog in the morning and evening when pavements are cooler. Hot pavements in the hottest part of the day can cause serious damage to pup’s paws. If you’re unsure whether to take them out or not, test the ground with your own hand; if it’s hot to touch, then it’s too hot for your dog.

dog digging on the beach

Go For a Swim

You could provide your dog with a paddling pool placed in a shaded spot. A dip in cool water will help regulate their body temperature. Equally, a walk on the beach (again, not during the hottest part of the day) and a paddle will help cool them down and avoid possible dehydration.

Never Leave Your Pet in Hot Cars

This should be obvious, but just in case - never leave your pet in the car in warm weather. The temperature in a car can rise so rapidly and it can take only a short time for animals to die in an over-hot car. If you see animals locked in a car on a hot day you should report them immediately.

Sun Protection

Short-haired and fair skinned pets need sun protection. It’s best to keep them out of the sun, but on days where they’ll definitely be out in it for a short time, make sure to use a pet-safe sunscreen. Pay close attention to noses too!

puppy in a paddling pool - keep your pup cool in summer  Dog travelling in the car

Bring Small Pets Indoors

Don’t forget about your smallest pets in the Summer. If you have small pets such as rabbits and guinea pigs who live outside, it may be a good idea to bring them inside on the hottest days if you can. If you can’t bring them inside try to move the hutch into a shaded area and reposition as the shade moves throughout the day. You could drape damp towels over the cage to help regulate the temperature inside the cage.

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