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How To Prepare Your House For your Dog at Christmas


How To Prepare Your House For your Dog at Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and now’s the time to start thinking about preparing your house for all the festivities. Soon it will be time to put up the tree and hang the decorations. Cards will be arriving as will lots of friends and relatives helping you enjoy the festive season.


During this time, it can be easy to forget that your dog will need lots of treats and fuss too! In order to make sure your dog has a great time this Christmas we have 3 top tips for your to follow:


Make Sure Your Dog Has His Own Special Spot


cocker spaniel sitting in her crate set


All the strangers coming in, new things in the home and all the riot of Christmas day may make him overwhelmed. He may be looking for a quiet spot to relax in out of the way, somewhere cosy where he’s still a part of things but somewhere he will feel safe. Dog beds are the obvious choice, something high-sided will make him more secure but make sure it’s also super cosy! Our fabulous Chesterfields are perfect for that especially combined with a snug blanket he can cuddle up with.


An alternative is the dog crate with cover. These are ideal all year round for your pet but are also extra useful for a place to hide and sleep at Christmas. With the cover and cushion they make the ideal den for your dog. We have an extensive range of fabrics perfect for any style of home.


Provide Doggy Treats

While we may overindulge at this time of year, it’s healthier if your dog does not. It’s also tempting to give in and let him have a chocolate or two but this can be very harmful to your pet. Small doses may only give him an upset stomach with sickness and diarrhoea but larger amounts can lead to seizures and heart attacks, so it’s best to give chocolate a wide berth. Cooked meat bones are also dangerous, causing choking and splintering.


It’s far safer to provide your dog with specially-prepared doggy treats. We have a range of tasty treats and chews including the ever-popular Lily’s Kitchen range.


Make the House a Safe Environment

Christmas can also come with hidden dangers for your dog:

Trees: Beware of Christmas tree needles which could stick in his throat or small bits of decorations that could come lose off the tree. Christmas lights could be chewed which could cause electric shocks.

Toys: Small children's toys can also be a choking hazard as can batteries which often get left around in the joy of unwrapping and could easily find their way way into your dog’s stomach!

Plants: Typical Christmas plants such as poinsettia, holly and mistletoe are all toxic to pets and should be kept well out of their way.

Christmas is a great holiday for everyone and as long as you keep an eye out for your dog too, he’s sure to have a fabulous festive time!

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