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Keep your Pet Safe this Festive Season!


Keep your Pet Safe this Festive Season!

The run up to Christmas is generally a fun time for all. Christmas markets, cream topped hot chocolate, perhaps a mulled wine, festive films, gift wrapping; there is a lot to enjoy during the festive period. But what about our pets? Whilst we are all for letting them join in the Christmas cheer (have you perused our Christmas Grotto yet?!), we also know it is important to be aware of the possible dangers posed to pets at this time of year. We’ve created this article to make sure you’re aware of the hazards your pets might face this Christmas.


Christmas Chocolate and Treats

There are a number of human foods that are toxic to cats and dogs. The best thing is to keep all human food away from your pet and make sure your guests know not to “treat” your pet with anything from their dinner plate or the chocolate box - what may seem like a kind offering may just be toxic to your cat or dog. Buy in some festive themed cat or dog treats so your pet can join in the Christmas feast safely.


Some foods that are toxic to pets include raisins, onions, chocolate and grapes. You should also be cautious of sweets and turkey which have both been known to cause illness and even death in pets.


Christmas Treats for Pets - Why not buy some festive themed dog or cat treats for your furry friends so they can enjoy the festivities without tucking in to your human foods. We have a wonderful selection of pet safe treats with a christmassy twist so your four legged family members can join in the feast!



 Woof & Brew Pawsecco Tipple & Truffles dog and cat treats Laughing Dog Christmas Puddings Dog Treats  Cham Paws pet champagne for cats and dogs


Flowers and Plants

We’ve talked about toxic plants and flowers in the blog posts and it’s particularly important to be conscious of potential floral dangers to your pets at this time of year. Plants are a popular choice of gift at Christmas and many of us decorate around the home with a festive floral display to two. If you have pets it’s important to make sure they can’t come in to contact with a nothing toxic, such as lilies, mistletoe or holly) If you’re going to decorate with these, either keep them in a room that your pet isn’t allowed in or keep them out of reach. The last thing anyone needs is a poisoned pet at Christmas.


Some of the popular festive plants to be cautious of include holly, poinsettia, amaryllis and pine.


Christmas Tree

If you have a cat or a particularly inquisitive dog (puppies especially), be thoughtful of your tree; where you place and how you decorate it. Tinsel might not be the best idea if you have cats - the glistening reflections could well find your cat launching at the tree! The same goes for low lying baubles and lights. You know your pet best, so place the tree with your pet in mind. Be wary of glass baubles and any small ornaments - these pose a risk of injury and if ingested can cause internal bleeding.


If you have a real tree be careful of adding certain plant foods when you water it - just in case your thirsty pet decides to take a sip. 


Cat hiding under a Christmas tree playing with a bauble


Lit Candles

This seems obvious, but it’s easy to forget you have a candle burning in the corner. Keep candles out of reach pf pets - we don’t want to see any singed whiskers this Christmas! Not only can they burn your cat or dog, but if they get knocked of a shelf or other surface can cause a fire.


Quiet Time

Lots of visitors and celebrations can be overwhelming for our pets. Make sure there is a quiet room or area that they can retreat to when all the celebrations get a little bit too much. Even sociable pets can get worn out - giving them a peaceful area away from visitors will allow them to rest when they want and not get agitated or stressed. This is especially important for cats who tend be more independent creatures.


sleeping dog snuggled on the sofa with humans in front of a Christmas tree


Make Christmas Special for Your Pets

Take into account the potential hazards, but don't focus on them. There's no reason Christmas can't be super special for humans and animals alike. If you haven't already perused the virtual shelves of our Christmas Grotto you should definitely head over there now. We've hand selected some darling items that are perfect for all your loveable pets. Whether it's a festive treat or something to wear, there is something for every Christmas-loving pet. Don't miss our hampers that are filled with all kinds of goodies - we have versions for both cats and dogs!

Christmas Hampers for Cats & Dogs


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