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Keep Your Pets Safe This Winter


Keep Your Pets Safe This Winter

Winter is only just around the corner. We’ve already had the first frost of the year and the average temperatures are beginning to fall. There’s a certain romance to the Winter season with it’s crisp air and sugar dusted landscapes, but there are also some things to be cautious of. Frost and snow have a certain charm when enjoyed from indoors, but whilst beautiful are not ideal conditions for pets to be venturing out in. Here we take a look at some of the precautions you can take so you can keep your pet safe this Winter.

Keep them indoors

This may sound obvious, but it’s surprising how many cats enjoy the colder weather, and of course your dog still needs his exercise. On the very coldest days, try to keep your cats and dogs inside as much as possible. Extremely cold temperatures can be dangerous to exposed skin.

Keep them away From Anti-Freeze

Anti-freeze is highly poisonous to animals. Be careful when using it and clean up any spills immediately.

Protect his Paws

Ice alone can be detrimental to paws, but road salt and other de-icing materials can be toxic to both cats and dogs. We have seen horrific pictures in the past of dogs paws with chemical burns from prolonged exposure to salt. When salting your own driveways, try to use non-toxic salt and then when your cat or dog comes back inside, clean their paws thoroughly to remove any salt and also check inbetween pads and toes for any ice.

If there’s prolonged snow and ice and you ned to take your dog out for exercise, you could invest in some snow boots to protect them from the elements.

Get him a Coat

When walking your dog it may be best for them to wear a coat or jumper. This is especially important for fine haired breeds to protect them from the elements.

Most cats will probably prefer not to wear a jumper of coat, but if yours doesn’t mind then it might be an idea to allow him to wear it on the coldest days. Do keep an eye on them though and don’t allow them out far when wearing it; you don’t want the jumper or coat to get snagged on anything in case of injury.

Check Your Car Before Starting It

If you have an outdoor cat or you know there are outdoor cats in the neighourhood, always check your car before starting it up in the morning. Some cats will climb up inside cars to sleep near warm engines. Bang on your car bonnet a couple of times before you start your engine. You may just save the life of your pet or a neighbourhood stray.

Keep them Active Indoors

In prolonged spells of severe weather you may choose to keep your pets inside a lot more than usual. Provide plenty of toys for them to keep them occupied whilst indoors. This will provide exercise and help keep their brains active too.

Be Wary of Reduced Visiblity

Make your pets visible when outdoors in foggy or snowy weather. Reflective collars and a small light attachment can help keep your pets visible. When walking your dog perhaps keep him on his lead; if you’re going to let him run free make sure they have good recall to avoid them getting lost. Keep micro chip details up to date with your correct contact information.

Don’t Leave your Dog Alone in the Car Unattended

Just as cars become incredibly hot in the Summer, the temperature will drop very quickly during in the Winter. Always take your dog with you rather than leaving them in the car for any length of time.

Keep them Warm & Dry

If your pets do go out in the wet and cold, make sure you dry them off thoroughly after walks and ensure they have a cosy bed to relax in.

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