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Keeping Your Dog Active During National Pet Month


Keeping Your Dog Active During National Pet Month

In honour of National Pet Month, we thought we’d share some creative fitness tips and ideas to try with your pup.


While you might want to indulge your furry friend in extra treats to show appreciation for them, be cautious as 1 in 3 dogs are overweight, and maintaining a healthy weight is important for your dog’s health. 


Exercise Tips


Going for regular walks with your dog is beneficial for weight control and for socialising your dog, but there are other fun exercises to check out too. Have you ever heard of dog diving? If your pup loves the water, then watch them have fun diving for a swim toy while also getting their daily exercise in. Ensure you have assessed any risks before attempting this exercise with your dog, this includes choosing a safe water zone.


If you enjoy cycling, why not try with your pup? Try bikejoring where you use your dog’s power to pull your bike cross country.


There are also indoor activities you can do with your pooch, such as playing tug-of-war and setting up an indoor obstacle course to help them get their daily exercise.


Keeping your dog active is not only good for their health, but also helps limit unruliness and builds trust and a bond between you both.  


If you’re unsure about how much exercise your dog needs or what exercise is right for them, then consult a vet or qualified dog care professional.


And be sure to shop our dog toys for all interactive play you and your dog can enjoy together.


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