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Lords & Labradors Puppy Essentials Pack Unboxing


Are you getting a new puppy? If the answer is yes and you still need to buy everything you'll need then one of our Puppy Essentials Packs might be just the thing you need. Each pack contains a number of daily must-haves that every puppy needs. Here we've created an unboxing video so you can see what to expect in the packs:

Lords & Labradors Puppy Packs and Daily Essentials

Our puppy packs are designed to take the stress out of shopping for your new puppy. They contain all of the main items that you'll need to look after your puppy and their daily needs. From a cosy bed for napping to various toys for playtime; some feeding accessories for dinner time to a first walking set for lead training, we've tried to cover the main areas of a puppy's daily routine.


The main contents of our puppy packs are as follows:


Puppy Bed - Each set comes with a cosy puppy bed designed and handmade here in our workshop. The bed is a good size to use in half of your crate for crate training or can be used as a standalone bed outside of the crate in whatever area you choose for puppy to sleep. 


Puppy Scent Blanket - Our puppy scent blankets are crafted from luxurious velvets and backed in sherpa fleece. They are a brilliant size to give to your breeder before you collect your puppy - the blanket can be kept with mum and pup up until you bring them home, then when you do bring pup home you can bring the blanket with them and they'll have the comforting scent of mum with them. The scent blankets will probably be loved for a lifetime just like a human baby's first blanket! 


Puppy Training Pads - A must-have for any new puppy, training pads can be used in the house and the crate as a precaution in case of any accidents. Whilst we all do our best to take puppies out regularly to train them to toilet outside, it's a well known fact that little puppies have tiny bladders and accidents are definitely going to happen. Our puppy pads offer a clean and hygenic way to stop accidents from soiling your floor.  


Puppy Bowls - We've included two Beco food bowls so that you can feed and water your pup. These are eco-friendly and easily washable.


Puppy travel Bowl - A super handy pop-up travel bowl is ideal for drinks of water on the go. You might need to use it on your trip home if you're collecting your puppy a long way from home. They'll also come in handy to keep in your travel kit for trips to the vet, day trips and longer journeys on holiday.


Puppy Teething Toys - Puppies go through their teething phase at a young age so providing them with chew toys to relieve the discomfort is a must. Chew toys are also a great boredom buster for avid chewers. Some dogs will enjoy chewing even after teething, so a chew toy is a handy way to divert their attention from soft furnishings or their bed!  


Puppy Plush Toy - A snuggle buddy is also a welcome addition to your pup's toy box. They are great for gentle playtime games as well as a cuddle at nap or bedtime.


Puppy Training Treats - Training treats are an essential for any dog owner. You'll need them to reward your puppy for good behaviour and also help with training. We've included them in our puppy packs so that you can start your puppy's training regime as you mean to go on!


Puppy Grooming Products - All puppies will need some kind of grooming - longer haired breeds more than others, but all will need an occasional bath and a daily brush. We've included some puppy products by Animology and a slicker brush that is gentle enough for little puppies, but also good enough to use into adulthood. Do check with your breeder if you're getting a long haired breed to see what other grooming products they recommend. Some breeds such as Afghan Hounds and Poodles will need more grooming than other shorter haired breeds. 


Puppy Walking Set - We've included a walking set in our puppy pack so that you can start your puppy's lead training as soon as they are old enough. Walking will become a daily must to keep your pup fit and healthy. This collar and lead set will be perfect for getting them used to being on a lead.


There are three sizes of Puppy Pack available, each designed for different sized breeds. We have a Small pack for toy and small breed puppies; a medium pack for medium breeds and a large pack for large/giant breed puppies. Each pack has very similar contents with items in sizes that are suitable for the recommended size of puppy. 

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