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Merry Christmas from all at Lords & Labradors


Boy sits with dog under the Christmas Tree surrounded by presents

We would like to wish all of our customers; human, canine and feline alike, a very merry Christmas! It has been a whirlwind of a year with lockdown restrictions changing our lifestyles dramatically. We hope that you are all going to enjoy a few days of peace and relaxation. It may be a very different celebration this Christmas compared to previous years, but we’re hoping you all have a wonderful time. We may not be able to gather in the way that we would like, but that doesn't mean we can't make the holiday a special one. 


For this week's blog article, we thought we’d highlight some of our recent Christmas posts just in case you missed them. From pet safety at Christmas to fun things to do with your pets - there is something here for everyone that will hopefully help to make your Christmas a great one! 


Dogs dressed up for Christmas with their female owner. Surrounded by Christmas dog toys and presents.


Fun Things to do with Your Pets in the Holidays

We recently created a blog based on special things that you could do with your pets in the run-up to Christmas. Well the big day is here, but there’s no reason you can’t do some of these things in-between Christmas and New Year too!  Whether it’s a Movie Night in on the sofa with your dog, or an afternoon in the kitchen baking your pet some treats, there are some great ideas here that we think you’ll love. Click on the picture to read our suggestions.


Fun things to do with pets at Christmas


What Christmas Dinner Can Pets Eat?

A big part of the festive period for most families is the food! Christmas dinner is integral to the celebrations at this time of year and it’s nice to include our pets in the feast where possible. It’s important to note what foods your dogs can and cannot eat. It's tempting to give them your leftovers, but this isn’t necessarily good for them or even safe. Our blog about what foods your dog can and cannot eat is a really handy guide to make sure your pets stay healthy throughout the holiday!


What Christmas dinner can dogs eat?


Christmas Movie Night with your Pets

If you’re looking for activities to do with your family that can include your pets, how about a movie night on the sofa with them? We compiled a list of some of our favourite Christmas movies that star dogs. They’re the perfect films to watch on an evening during the holidays, snuggled on the sofa with your pets. We suggest cosying up under a blanket with some pet friendly treats for them; and a glass of wine and some chocolates for you!


Tope Christmas films to watch with your pets


We hope you’ve enjoyed our Christmas blog series and that we’ve given you some nice ideas to make your holiday special. Once again we wish you all a lovely, healthy and happy holiday.


Merry Christmas,
From all at Lords & Labradors
x x x 

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