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Our Favourite Dog Accessories for a Café Date in Town


It has been rather a long time since most of us were able to go out for a coffee. Lockdown measures meant our excursions were limited to an hour a day and only for a walk, run or other form of exercise. But now lockdown measures are lifting in most places, cafés and restaurants have been starting to open with take-away offerings, and from this weekend we will see bars opening for the first time with strict social distancing measures. For us, just a simple coffee date in town with a friend will feel like such a treat! The next time we’re in town on a fine day, you’ll probably find us sitting outside our favourite coffee shop with our dogs.  With this in mind we’ve been thinking about some of our favourite dog accessories for a café date in town. Cute walking sets and leads designed to clip around a chair leg are the perfect update to your dog’s post-lockdown walking accessory collection.


Dog wearing a cafe lead ny Hiro + Wolf


The Hiro + Wolf Dog Walking Accessory Range

We love everything by Hiro + Wolf! Their stunning range of hand designed prints are so eye catching and come in a style to suit everyone. In each print is a range of stylish, yet practical accessories so your dog can make a fashion statement on your next trip into town. One of our favourite pieces in the collection is the Café Dog Lead as it is so versatile. One of the problems when dining out with your dog is what to do with your dog’s lead. It’s a pain if the only option is to try tying a standard lead around something or even resort to standing on it. But the café lead is designed just for moments like this. It has a trigger hook attachment so the handle can be undone and looped around anything whether it’s a chair leg or the railing that you’re sitting next to. No more putting your foot through the loop of the handle when you’re sitting down for a drink! The leads are beautifully made too. The printed fabrics are handmade in Britain and trimmed with strong durable leather and pet-safe metal fittings.

The best thing is that there are collars, bow ties, bandanas and harnesses all to match so you can coordinate your dog’s look from nose to tail! Don’t forget their leather poo bag pouches too; that simply clip on to the D-ring of the lead and look like a fashionable charm - they'd look just as good clipped to your keyring or bag!


Hiro + Wolf Dog Collar   Hiro + Wolf Bow Tie  Hiro + Wolf Diamond Poo Bag Pouch



Feeding your dog on the go

If you’re going to be out for a while you will need to take some kind of food and water provisions with you. Take a small travel set with you so your pup can join in the coffee date with you. We love the Travel bags by Overland. The small dine away set has everything you’d  need to give your dog a quick snack when you’re out. Pop in a water bottle by Dexas and you’re ready to go!

Overland Dog Gear Dine Away

A Sweet Dog Treat by Barking Bakery

Don’t let your dog miss out on a scrumptious snack whilst you’re eating a muffin with your coffee. The Barking Bakery Vanilla and Carob Cookie is a beautifully decorated “iced” cookies for dogs. Small enough to pop in your bag for any trip into town and a lovely treat for after lunch. Alternatively one of the treats on a chew stick by BonBon Pooch are ideal to take out with you. Again, they are easy to store in a travel bag and look super cute too. 

Bonbon Pooch Unicorn Shaped LollipopBonbon Pooch Paw Shaped Lollipop

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