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The Best Cat Travel Accessories


Cat sitting in a leather suitcase


Travelling safely with our pets is an important consideration for all pet owners. From short trips to the vet, to longer day trips and holidays, it’s important that you and they get to the relevant destination in comfort and safety. This doesn’t just go for dogs and their owners, but cats too.


Many may wonder how much travelling a cat is likely to do, but some people travel with their feline pets just as much as some dog owners travel with their canines. Many pedigree breeds that are kept indoors are taken on holiday by their owners, rather than housing them in a cattery, which can mean a long journey in the car.  This calls for a good set of travel accessories so that you can transport them in comfort and keep them safe whilst doing so.


Cat sitting in a woven basket


Here we’ll take a look at our favourite travel accessories for cats. From absolute necessities that every pet owner needs for quick trips to the vet, to more specific items for longer journeys.


Our Favourite Accessories for Travelling with Your Cats

Cat Carrier - An essential item that no cat owner should be without is a good quality pet carrier that is safe for car journeys. Hopefully vet visits will be few and far between, but on the occasions that your cat does need to see the vet, you need to be able to transport them there safely. A cat carrier that is certified safe for car and train travel would be ideal. One of our favourites is the Catit Cabrio Carrier that has lots of lovely features including a shoulder strap and removable water bowls for on-the-go snacks. This would also be perfect for longer journeys too, and it has plenty of room inside even for larger cats.


If you’re looking for something more traditional and only need it for local trips to the vet then the Rattan Carrier by House of Paws is a stunning option. You could take the door off when not in use and use as a cat bed too!

Catit Design Cabrio Carrier  House of Paws Rattan Cat Carrier

Cat Blanket - One of the most important things to do when travelling with any pet is make them feel comfortable. Trips to the vet can be stressful for anxious pets and car journeys can also be nerve wracking if your cat isn’t used to them. Make the inside of the carrier as cosy as possible with their favourite blanket. This will also make them feel at home if they are staying overnight somewhere new. Our range of cat blankets includes the super cosy luxury velvet and sherpa blanket that comes in a range of colours. We also love the Lord Lou faux fur blanket which can roll up for travel. If you’re buying a new blanket just remember to get it a week or so in advance of the journey so that the blanket smells of home before the trip.


Lords & Labradors Velvet Cat Blanket   Lord Lou Miles Pet Blanket


Compact Cat Bed - If you are going for a weekend away and you’re bringing your cat along, take a compact bed that can be packed in the car with you. We like the Round Cosy Cat Cave as it is a soft fabric bed that will be easy to pack. The cave style will also give kitty somewhere to retreat and hide when they get to their destination. A good alternative is the felt pet bed that pops up with press studs and can be stored flat. A brilliant travel item for storing in the car!


Round Cosy Cat Cave         L&L Fold-Down Felt Pet Bed


Travel Bowl - If you’re preparing for a long journey then you will need to think about food and water. Your cat may not feel like eating if they’re nervous, but it’s best to be prepared just in case. The Beco Travel Bowl is a great accessory as it can fold flat and pop up when you need it. An ideal option for water on the journey, but also to use as your cat’s main bowl on nights away.


Travel Water Bottle - If it is a long journey and you want to stop on the way to give them some water, then a pet travel bottle is a great way to transport it.  This one by Dexas has a second compartment for treats or food too, and it comes with a pop-up bowl as well.

Beco Travel Pet Bowl in 3 sizes and coloursDexas Popware Snack Duo Pet Travel Cup  

Travel Bag - If you’re going to take your cat on holiday, you may wish to take a pet travel bag for them. These Overland bags come with an array of handy food bowls with extra space for other feline essentials. You’ll be able to pack some of your cat’s favourite food as well as some of the other items on this list.

Overland Pet Carrier PlusOverland Ultimate Week Away Duffle Bag

Cat Toys - Keeping your cat relaxed is a must and taking a couple of their toys on the journey will offer something familiar for them to snuggle. It will also keep them occupied if you’re staying overnight somewhere.

KONG Catnip Kitten Mice 2pkKONG Refillable Catnip Turtle toyJolly Moggy Woven Wonders Fish Cat Toy

Pet Wipes - Pet wipes are brilliant for all kinds of clean-ups and an essential for any pet travel or grooming bag. They can be used to clean up food spillages and accidents, as well as for cleaning your cat if they manage to soil themselves.

Petall AllRound Giant Pet WipesTorpiClean Deep Cleaning Pet WipesEarth Rated Unscented Pet Grooming Wipes

Cat Treats - Mmm, delicious cat treats! A tasty snack or two is always welcome and is a brilliant reward for your cat’s good behaviour when travelling.

Pet Munchies Cat Treats - chicken and liverDreamies Cheese Cat TreatsThe Innocent Cat Tuna & Crab Treats

Small Scratch Post - Another essential for any overnight stay is a scratch pad or post. The last thing you want is for your cat to scratch the soft furnishings - even pet-friendly holiday locations will frown upon a ruined sofa! Find a small scratch post that you can pop in the car easily. We have a few great options in our shop including flat scratch pads that can hang on door handles and compact posts that simply unscrew from the base for easy storage and transportation.

Catwalk Collection Vigo Cat Scratch PostCatit Pirates Door Scratcher for Cats

Compact Litter Tray - Your cat will need somewhere to toilet if they’re staying somewhere overnight so a compact litter tray will be needed. The kitten starter set could be a good option for travel as it would be fairly easy to pack without taking up too much room. If it’s too small for your adult cat though, perhaps a simple rosewood litter tray would be sufficient. It might seem like a large thing to pack, but if you pop some of your other items inside it, you can save space in your car.

Kitten Starter set with litter tray, scoop and toys   Rosewood Cat Litter Tray

Pet Remedy Calming Products - Pets can feel stressed and nervous in strange places and situations. This can be even worse for cats who aren’t used to travelling. These all-natural calming products by Pet Remedy are brilliant for keeping nervous kitties calm. We’d suggest using them a few days before you’re due to travel and then on your travels as well. There are a number of products to choose from. We like the plug-in diffusers to use at home along with the spray which can be used on bedding. You can then take the spray and some of the wipes on any journeys you may have. We’d consider the All-in-One Calming Kit as it includes one of each of Pet Remedy’s most popular products.

Pet Remedy All-in-One Calming Kit  Pet Remedy Pet Calming Spray  Pet Remedy Pet Travel Essentials

The main thing to consider when travelling with your feline family members is to make them feel as comfortable and calm as possible. Providing them with as many home comforts as you can, will really help them to settle on journeys and in new places. If you’re concerned about travelling with your pets, you could always have a chat with your vet to see what they suggest too.


If you have any questions about any of the products listed in this article, please do get in touch. We’re always happy to help as much as we can.

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