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The Best Cat Treats & Accessories


Owner giving their Ragdoll cat a treat

We all love to show our pets a little appreciation; whether it’s for good behaviour or just because we love them! There are a multitude of pet treats out there and at Lords & Labradors we try to offer the tastiest treats that we can find. Our Cat Emporium has a delicious selection of cat treats that your felines will love. From creamy treats that can be fed from the tube to kibble sized crunchy treats that can be used in toys at playtime, there is something here to suit all of your needs. Here we take you through our range so you can pick the best cat treats for your kitty as well as highlight some great accessories for storing them.


Our Favourite Cat Treats

Dreamies Cat Treats - I think we all know a cat who loves their Dreamies treats! They come in a selection of different flavours so there’s something that every cat will like, and they have a distinctive texture. The outside is crunchy, and the inside is creamy, offering a unique feeding experience. They’re low in calories and full of vitamins and minerals. The biscuit like kibble is easy to store too and they can easily be fed sparingly throughout the day. Just make sure to read the pack for portion suggestions. Suitable for adult cats and kittens from 8 weeks old.

Dreamies Cat Treats with BeefDreamies Cat Treats with SalmonDreamies Cat Treats with Duck

Pet Munchies Gourmet Cat Treats - Beef - If you’re looking for something really healthy for your cat then the Gourmet treats by Pet Munchies are ideal. This one is made of 100% beef liver, but there are also Fish Fillet and Chicken Liver flavours available too. Each treat is full of vitamins and minerals including Omega 3 & 6 which help to maintain a healthy heart, skin and coat. There’s added calcium too, which will promote strong teeth and bones. These are treats for the adult cats of the house and not suitable for kittens under 4 months old.

Pet Munchies Gourmet Cat Treats - Beef LiverPet Munchies Gourmet Chicken Liver Cat TreatsPet Munchies Gourmet Fish Fillet Cat Treats

Sheba Cramy Snack Treats - These creamy treats by Sheba offer something different in terms of texture. They come in a tube and can be fed straight from the packet or squeezed into your cat’s favourite saucer. They’ll love the smoothness and sublime flavours of which there are three to choose from. The soft silky puree is great for helping your cat to take medicine too.

Sheba Creamy Salmon Snacks Sheba Creamy Beef Snacks TreatsSheva Creamy Chicken Cat Treats

Webbox Cat Treats - Beef & Rabbit - These treat sticks are a meaty chewable treat that can be broken up and fed in smaller pieces. The meaty texture is more like your cat’s natural food in comparison to some of the more biscuit-like or creamy treats. They come in a variety of delicious flavours, are full of 95% meat and are kitten friendly.

Webbox Cats Delights Cat Sticks Treats - Beef & Rabbit Webbox Cats Delight Treat Sticks - Chicken & Liver Webbox Cats Delight Cat Sticks - Salmon & Trout

The Innocent Cat Treat Slices - Chicken & Duck - These complimentary pet treats for adult cats are made of premium ingredients including fresh British meat. Grain free, hypoallergenic and suitable for raw Diets, these treats are packed with tasty goodness. Available in two flavours, they really do offer a little taste of luxury!

The Innocent cat Chicken & Duck SlicesThe Innocent cat Tuna & Crab Slices

Natural Eats Salmon Fillet Strips - These are a new product from Rosewood and are made of 100% natural fish. They are gluten free, low in fat and there’s no added salt, so you can be sure you’re giving your cat only the best. These adult cat treats are a brilliant healthy option as a snack in-between meals and they’re available in a duck flavour too.

Natural Eats Salmon Fillet Strips Cat TreatsNatural Eats Duck Fillet Strips cat Treats

Beaphar Urinary Tract Treats - These aren’t just any kind of cat treats but are specifically designed for cats with urinary tract problems. Urinary tract disorders are fairly common in cats and can vary in severity. These treats are designed to help prevent some of these problems, such as infections, bladder stones and cystitis, with added cranberry, vitamin E and Omega 3. A tasty treat with added health benefits for any adult cat who suffers from such disorders.

Beaphar Urinary Tract Support Easy Treats

Whiskas Cat Milk Plus - Does your cat love milk? Many of us have found our cats licking from the milk jug if we’ve left it out, but it really isn’t healthy for our feline friends to drink dairy products. They may love the creamy taste of cow’s milk, but it can cause upset stomachs due to lactose intolerance. Now you can treat your cats to some feline-safe milk in the form of this cat milk by Whiskas. It has the same great taste as normal milk, with the same calcium benefits, but without the problematic dairy. If your cats haven’t tried it yet we think they’re going to love it!

Whiskas Cat Milk 3 pack


Pet Treat Tins & Storage

Sophie Allport Perfect! Cat Treat Tin - Keep your cat treats fresh in style with this large treat tin by Sophie Allport. A stylish cream-toned storage tin, it is decorated with some of Sophie’s adorable cat illustrations running around the bottom edge. There’s even a handy scoop on the side. This is a large tin with a 9 litre capacity, so could be used for cat food too. There’ll be no need to have ugly food or treat bags lying around the kitchen or utility anymore; you can proudly display this on your shelf instead!

Sophie Allport Cat Treat Tin

Designed by Lotte Ceramic Cat Treat Tin - If you’re looking for a smaller treat storage jar then this beautiful design from Designed by Lotte is a great option. The cream ceramic design is timeless and will look lovely in any home. It features a cork stopper which will make the interior air-tight and keep all of your cat’s tasty treats as fresh as possible.

Designed by Lotte Ceramic Cat Treat Jar

Interactive Treat Toys for cats

Puzzle toys are brilliant for your cat’s brain development; helping to keep them active and stimulated. Adding a tasty treat into the mix will give them something to work for and offer them a reward for their efforts. We have a couple of brilliant interactive toys that you can add treats to for hours of playtime fun.


Catit Great Ball - cats love to chase and hunt and this Catit treat ball will allow them to do just that. You can pop a couple of  cat treats inside and then watch as your cat bats the ball and try to work the treats through the mini maze inside. The rattle of the treats inside as well as the smell will keep them working until they have released them and can enjoy their snack.

Catit Treat Ball for Cats

Catit Senses Food Tree - This is a slightly larger puzzle game for cats and kittens of all ages. Your cat will need to work out how to get the treats through the maze of holes and tunnels inside the structure until they are released into the feeding tray at the bottom. This could even be used with your cat’s dry food as a slow feeder; ideal for greedy pets who tend to eat too quickly!

Catit Senses 2.0 Food Tree interactive cat toy/slow feeder

We hope we have given you some great options in terms of treats and accessories for your cats and kittens. If you need any more information about any of the products mentioned, please get in touch. We’ll do our best to help!


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