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The Best Catnip & Teaser Toys for Cats


Cat playing with a KONG Kickeroo Catnip infused toy

It is no secret that cats like to play. Their unique natural instincts, to hunt, chase, climb and scratch make them playful animals. Whilst they may sate these desires in the wild by hunting their lunch and climbing a tree, our domesticated pets sometimes need a little help to fulfil these needs. That is why we have made it our mission to bring you the best selection of catnip toys and teaser wands from some of the top pet brands around including Catit, KONG and Rosewood.


Whether you have an indoor cat or an outdoor cat, offering them a selection of fun cat toys indoors is a must. Your indoor cat will need to be given things that offer the same stimulation that they’d get outside, whilst your outdoor cat will need one or two things to keep them occupied when they can’t get out. At this time of year, when the temperatures plummet, your outdoor cat may find themselves indoors a lot more than usual. Keeping them active and free from boredom will be important, so offering them plenty of toys to play with is a must.


KONG Wubba catnip toy for cats


Take a look at out our top picks from our cat toy selection here...


Our Favourite Catnip Toys

As we mentioned, hunting and chasing is one of a cat’s favourite things to do. Our range of catnip toys will allow them to do just this in the comfort of your home, without any surprise ‘presents’ turning up on your doormat at the end of play! We have sourced catnip toys in all kinds of shapes and textures to entice your kitty, including furry toys and ones with feathers attached. Here are our favourites:    


Catit Pirates Crab Catnip Toy - Catit make a variety of well designed, stylish cat accessories and their range of toys is no exception. This catnip stuffed crab toy features a contrasting feather which will send your cat into a frenzy whenever their hunting instinct takes over. There is an added bell too, to add an extra dimension to your cat’s playtime fun.


KONG Beaver Refillable Catnip Toy - Did you know KONG make cat toys? We all know them for their dog chew toys, but they also make a brilliant range of toys for your feline friends too. The KONG Beaver toy comes with a tube of premium North American catnip and can be filled up with extra catnip whenever needed. The small animal shape of the toy is bound to get your cat’s tail wagging.

Catit Pirates Crab Catnip toyKONG Beaver Catnip toy

Jolly Moggy Woven Wonders Fish Catnip Toy - We love the Woven Wonders range by Jolly Moggy for its eco-conscious, fair-trade sensibilities. Each toy is made from all-natural sustainable materials and is hand crafted by villagers in the Philippines. This set of two toys is shaped like a cube and each features a feather trim to tease your kitty with. Your cat will enjoy getting their claws into the textured surface whilst the infused catnip will keep them coming back for more excitement.


All for Paws Fluffy Ball Catnip Toy - Cats are intrigued by different textures which is why we added these colourful fluffy critters to our cat toy range. Each fluffy ball features a tri-coloured faux fur body and cute googly eyes. Add this to your cat’s toy box and they will soon be batting it around the house!


Jolly Moggy Woven Wonders Catnip ToysAll for Paws Fluffy Ball

KONG Kitten Kickeroo Catnip Toy - This toy is made in a size that is especially suited to kittens. It has a long body, making it easy to grip and kick as well as a feathered tail that will whip your kitten into excitement. The body has a crinkly inner that will intrigue little kittens. It’s also soft making it ideal for a cuddle when playtime tires them out. Filled with premium catnip to boost your kitten’s fun.


KONG Wrangler Cat Scratch Mouse Toy - It’s important to encourage different forms of play with different toys that each offer something unique to keep your cat interested and stimulate all of their senses. This toy from KONG will appeal to your cat’s instinct to scratch. The rope covered body is perfect for your kitty’s claws to help keep them sharp and healthy. They’ll have loads of fun chasing this ‘mouse’ around the house!

KONG Kitten Kickeroo Catnip Toy     KONG Wrangler Mouse Scratch Toy


P.L.A.Y Feline Frenzy Tutti Fur-utti Catnip Toys - Variety is the spice of life as they say, and these cat toys by P.L.A.Y will add a bit of colour to your cat’s toy box. This two-pack of fruit inspired cat toys features a banana and a watermelon slice. They’re made of hypoallergenic fibres and have a removable catnip pouch.


KONG Active Cork Ball Catnip Toy - Another toy with a distinctive texture, this toy features a cork body that will bounce and move in unusual ways. The addition of the feathery tail will capture your cat’s attention instantly and they won’t be able to resist hunting it around the house!

P.L.A.Y Tutti Fur-utti Catnip Toy two pack KONG Active Cork Ball cat toy


Exciting Teaser and Wand Toys for Cats

Cat toys are designed to encourage their hunting instinct to come out. Wands and teaser toys use movement as a way to grab kitty’s interest. Many are made for playtime with you and are great for joint playtime fun when bonds are built and strengthened. There are also options that can be stuck to windows so cats can play when you’re not around. All of them are super fun! Here are our some of our favourites:


KONG Cat Wubba Teaser - This toy features feathery tails to encourage your cat to chase, hunt and capture. The wubba toy itself has a crinkly centre to entice your cat with added catnip for extra fun. Available in a range of lovely colours.


KONG Wubba Boa Cat Wand Teaser ToyKONG Wubba Teaser Wand in greenKONG Wubba Boa Wand Teaser Toy in blue


All For Paws Furry Ball Long Fluffy Wand - From the same range as the previously mentioned Fluffy Ball Catnip toy. This one features a long fluffy tail attached to a string and wand so you can play along with your cat. There’s an added bell and it’s catnip infused so you can guarantee your cat won’t get bored!


KONG Blue Bird Cat Feather Teaser - This teaser is adorable! A cute bluebird plush toy dangles at the end of this wand toy. Your cat won’t be able to resist ‘hunting’ his little bird with its bright colour and floppy limbs.

All for Paws Long Fluffy Tail Cat wand KONG Blue Bird Feather Teaser

KONG Kitty Window Teaser - This toy is perfect when you’re a little too busy to play. This has the same features as a regular wand toy, but with a suction pad to attach it to a window or other suitable hard surface. This means kitty can play and chase whilst you read a book or watch a good film!


L’Chic Cat Fishing Teaser Toy - This novelty toy brings something completely different to your cat’s toy box. It has the same functionality as a wand toy, but it’s a mini working fishing rod - you can cast the toy on the end of the line up to 10 feet and then watch your cat chase and pounce as you reel it back in. You and your cat will love playing with this!

KONG Kitty Bird Window Teaser L'Chic Cat Fishing Cat Toy


We hope you find something in this list that takes your fancy. Add a couple of these to your cat's play area and we're sure they'll spend hours chasing their new 'prey' and having fun. If you have any questions about the toys mentioned please do get in touch. We're always happy to help!

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