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How To Set Up Your Puppy's Crate - Video Tutorial


We are often asked about the perfect crate set-up for a new puppy and what items you'll need. Here, we've created a quick video tutorial to show you how to set up a crate for a new puppy:

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The Best Crate Set-Up For A New Puppy

The perfect crate set-up for a new puppy will help them to settle into their new home quickly, aiding in the potty training process and the night-time routine. The key is to make the crate as cosy as possible and to make sure your puppy has the essentials to hand. It's about making the crate as inviting as possible, creating a space that your puppy wants to use for rest and play. 


The items used in the set-up are as follows:


Lords & Labradors Deluxe Dog Crate - We suggest buying a dog crate that will be big enough for your puppy to grow into as an adult. Our deluxe crates are made of sturdy metal and feature two doors and a removable tray that makes cleaning super easy.


Puppy Bed - Choose a puppy bed that fits in one half of the crate. In the video we used the Truffle Bed. You could also choose one of our brand new L&L Puppy Crate Beds that are designed to fit in exactly one half of the crate. All of our puppy beds feature cosy fabrics that your puppy will enjoy snuggling in at bedtime - creating an inviting place to rest inside the crate.


Simple Solutions Puppy Pads - Next to the puppy bed, place a puppy pad. Depending on the size of the crate you may need to fold the pad in half, which is absolutely fine. Whilst we don't want to encourage puppies to toilet in the crate, we do need to cater for any accidents. At night time it may be they can't hold themselves long enough for you take them outside and a puppy pad will stop any accidents in the actual bed. 


Ellie-Bo Crate Bowls - These bowls are a must-have for any puppy owner. They sit in brackets which fasten to the door or wall of the crate meaning, puppy won't knock them over. It's important to provide fresh water at all times and these will ensure no spoilage in the crate.


L&L Velvet & Sherpa Puppy Blanket - Our handmade blankets are crafted from sumptuous velvet and super soft sherpa fleece that will add a layer of warmth to your puppy's bed. They come in a range of beautiful colours to suit your home furnishings. 


Snuggle Puppy Toy - In the video we have provided puppy with an adorable snuggle puppy toy that will offer companionship and fun. New puppies are often nervous in their new homes and it's important to give them as many comforting things as possible. A snuggle plush toy such as this will give them warm hugs and comfort and give them similar feelings to being with Mum. We also love the All for Paws Heartbeat Sheep and Warm Bear both of which are lovely friends for your little puppy. 


To complete the crate set-up we’d suggest adding one of our crate covers that will make the crate look stylish and also offer a practical way to make the crate cosy and inviting. Our covers feature two roll-up doors complete with branded toggles. These doors are great for night-time; when the doors are rolled down puppy will soon learn that it’s time for bed and when they’re rolled up that it’s time for their day to begin. A crate cover is stylish addition to any crate, turning a bare and draughty cage-like crate into a warm and inviting doggie den. Browse our range of crate covers in our shop now!


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