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The Best Squeaky Dog Toys


The Best Squeaky Dog Toys

Dog toys come in all shapes, sizes and materials for different kinds of play. Some are for throwing and games of fetch; some are for chewing; and others for cuddling. A squeaker can add even more fun to the mix, whether it’s in the form of a soft plush toy or in a throwing toy outdoors. A squeaky dog toy can help to keep your dog enticed and coming back for more. Here we take a look at some of the best toys for dogs with squeakers so you can add some multi-sensory play to your dog’s toy box.

dog with a KONG Squeezz Stick toy    dog with a HuggleHounds Knottie Fox toy

Pictured from left to right: KONG Squeezz Stick in red; HuggleHounds Woodland Knottie Fox

Dog Chew Toys with Squeakers

Does your dog like to chew? If you have an insatiable chewer of a dog then chew toys are a must to keep them occupied and help to stop them from gnawing your furniture or their bedding. We have a wide range of dog chew toys that also have an enticing squeaker inside. Here are our favourites:

KONG Shields Anteater - A really tough chew toy with a sealed exterior that is made for strong chewers. The bright colours will help to stimulate your dog during play whilst the squeak will keep them coming back for more!

KONG Squeezz Stick - This is a great dog toy that provides both chewing and fetching capabilities. It is made of a really strong and durable material that will withstand tough chewers, whilst being shaped like a stick making it perfect for throwing games of fetch outside. Your dog will love the addition of the squeaker too!

Animal Instincts Chewies Ball - A brilliant toy for dogs who like to chase a ball around, the Chewies ball features a soft and bobbly outer with a squeaker inside. The ball is soft enough to play with indoors and will have football-loving dogs playing for hours. It also comes in two sizes for different sized breeds; the smaller one being ideal for puppies.

KONG Shields Anteater dog toyKONG Squeezz Stick dog toy in BlueAnimal Instincts Chewie Ball dog toy in orange

Dog Throwing Toys with Squeakers

Is your dog an outdoorsy kind of dog who loves to play fetch? Our range of squeaky throwing toys will make every throwing game loads of fun!

Nerf Puppy Tennis Balls - Nerf are know for their children’s toys that are made for the garden and the outdoors and now your dog can get in on the action too. These Nerf tennis balls with squeakers are made especially for dogs. They can be used alone as a throwing toy or used with one of the Nerf Tennis Ball Blasters to throw them extra far and give your dog some real exercise.

KONG Squeakair Tennis Ball on a Rope - A brilliant throwing toy with an added rope for games of tug-of-war. The tennis ball itself is made from a special material designed especially for dogs that won’t wear their teeth down. The rope makes it really easy to throw the ball long distance too, which is ideal for dogs with loads of stamina.

KONG Squeakair Birthday Balls - Is it soon to be your pup’s birthday? These birthday tennis balls by KONG are great for games outside in the garden. Dog’s shouldn’t use normal tennis balls as the outer fabric can wear their teeth down, but these dog-friendly ones are made from special non-abrasive materials.

Nerf Puppy Tennis balls 2pk - puppy and small dog toysKONG Squeakair Tennis Ball on a Rope dog toyKONG Squeakair Birthday Balls - throwing dog toys

Dog Soft Plush Toys with Squeakers

Every dog likes a cuddle. We have a wide selection of plush toys for dogs that they can play with when they’re feeling lively, or snuggle up to when playtime wears them out. These plush toys all feature a squeaker inside to add to the fun!

KONG Patches Cord Monkey - A delightful little monkey, this plush toy from KONG features an array of stickers stimulating colours and textures. The floppy arms and legs make it easy to carry and perfect for gentle games of throwing and fetch. Perfect for indoor games and snuggles at bedtime!

Hugglehounds Woodland Knottie Fox- This adorable little fox is made of a super durable, patent pending, Tuffut technology with a soft cord outer body. The really exciting part is that there are 9 squeakers to really capture your pet’s attention. Plus, there are no external seams that aggressive chewers can easily open. You’re dog will never get bored with this cute fox around!

Fuzzyard Pawtato Chips Toy - A take on the classic packet of crisps, your dog will have loads of fun with this plush toy. A large, washable dog toy with a squeaker inside. Crisps without the calories!

KONG Patches Cord Monkey dog toy HuggleHounds Woodland Knottie Fox Dog Toy  Fuzzyard Pawtato Chips dog toy


How about a dog toy that crackles?!

If you are looking for a multi-sonsory toy for your dog that doesn’t have a squeaker, how about a toy made of special fabric that crackles. Some dogs can become over-stimulated by, or in some cases not even like, the sound of a squeaker. A crackly fabric can give the same sensory stimulation without the loud noise of a normal squeaky toy.

KONG Sea Shells Turtle - This toy from KONG has many play options. Your pup might like to chew on the outer squishy shell, whilst the crackle sound it makes will keep them occupied. The round shape also mean it can be batted around like a ball. Why not play a game of fetch with your pup for a complete interactive experience?!

Little Buddy Blanky - A soothing puppy blanky made from super soft fleece. It features a teething attachment as well as an inner crinkly fabric for extra stimulation. A lovely toy for new puppies. 

KONG Sea Shells Turtle dog toy    Little Buddy Blanky - piggy - puppy toy

Remember to rotate your dog’s toys

One thing to remember, is to rotate the toys that your puppy or adult dog play with. It’s important to offer different types of play, to keep all of their senses active. You also don’t want them to get bored with any one type of toy, or become over stimulated by solely playing with squeaky toys. Encourage a range of different games and your pup will always enjoy their playtime.

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