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The World's Most Expensive Luxury Gifts For Your Pets


The World's Most Expensive Luxury Gifts For Your Pets

We all love to spoil our best four legged friends. Birthdays, Christmas, Just Because!  Whilst perusing for Easter gift ideas we came across some ultra luxe pet accessories that we just needed to share with you. From diamonds to designer togs, these are some of the World’s Most Expensive Gifts for Pets, fit for even the most pampered doggy and feline! (Be prepared though; the 000’s on these price tags are no pun!)

Versace Medusa Pet Bowl  Louis Vuitton dog carrrier  


Dog & Cat Bowl by Versace

We thought we’d ease you into our luxe shopping list gently, with this beautiful pet bowl for cats or dogs from Versace. At a mere £569, it’s one of the less expensive items on our list, but still super exclusive. Your pet will dine in splendour with this bowl. One of several different designs from the fashion house, we particularly liked this style for its elegant, timeless design. Whose cat or dog wouldn’t like to eat or drink from this?!


Louis Vuitton Dog Carrier

Travelling in style is a must for any pampered pup and what better way than in Louis Vuitton’s Dog Carrier. A trip to the vet, or journey on holiday, will never be the same again with this beautiful pet carrier. You may wish to start saving now though; LV’s dog carriers start at £1,740 for the 40cm size.


Ballgown for your Dog

For the ultimate in luxury doggy fashion, this ballgown, designed and handmade by the team at Furdrobe, is crafted from silk and embellished with thousands of Swarovski crystals. Your dog will definitely be the belle of the ball at your Easter get-together wearing this. At £40,000, the price tag is certainly not for the faint of heart!


Furdrobe dog ballgown


Diamond Necklace Dog Collar

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend and our dogs only deserve the best don’t they?! Well these luxury dog collars certainly fit that philosophy. The 52 carat, Amour Amour collar is encrusted with 1,600 diamonds and, at a staggering $3.2 million dollars, is the most expensive dog collar in the world. Of course there are slightly less extravagant versions and by that we mean you can take one zero off the price tag; the diamond collar range starts at £150,000. Still a little rich for our tastes (and bank balance) we think!


Diamond Dog Collar


These are just a few of the more elaborate gifts we have found for pets. We also came across a mink fur jacket for dogs (don’t dogs have fur of their own?) and a canine fashion collection by Roberto Cavalli.


If like us, you don’t appear in the Forbes Rich list you may like to head over to our L&L Shop. We have plenty of lovely goodies that won’t raise the brow of your bank manager, and we know will delight your canine friends all the same!


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