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Top 10 Cooling Toys & Accessories For Dogs


A golden retriever in a swimming pool in Summer

With the Summer well and truly here and temperatures rising in to the 30’s, keeping our pets cool and comfortable can be a challenge. In a recent blog article, we gave advice on how to keep your pet cool, and this week we thought we’d share our favourite cooling products. These are all designed for the hottest days of Summer, to help regulate your pup’s body temperature. From cooling toys to garden accessories, read on to see what made our list!


Our Favourite Cooling Accessories for Dogs

1. All for Paws Chill Out Ice Bone - This chew toy is perfect for helping to cool your dog down on a hot day. It can be filled with water and then frozen to provide a refreshing treat. It’s filled with a special gel that will make it stay frozen for longer, so you don’t have to worry about continually refreezing too often.

2. All for Paws Chill Out Lemon Slice - What could be more refreshing than a slice of lemon?! Online a regular Leon, this one  certainly isn't sour and will help to keep your pup cool on a Summer’s day. Simply soak in water and let your dog play, slowly releasing the water to help cool them down. You could play games of gentle fetch or just let your pup bat it about and chew it. Whatever kind of games they like, this toy will help regulate their body temperature at the same time.

3. All for Paws Chill Out Orange Flyer -This has the same fabric texture as the lemon but has the shape of a frisbee, making it great for throwing. Simply soak in water just like the lemon and let your dog chew to release the cooling fluid.

All for Paws Chill Out Bone dog toyAll for Paws Chill Out Lemon Slice     All for Paws Chill Out Flyer

Left to Right: AFP Chill Out Bone; AFP Chill Out Lemon Slice; AFP Chill Out Orange Flyer . 

4. All for Paws Chill Out Splash and Fun Dog Pool - Bring a taste of the seaside to your back garden with this fun splash pool for dogs. Available in 2 sizes, this dog paddling pool is perfect for any pup who likes to have a paddle or a swim. It won’t only provide fun and frolics, but cool water can also help to regulate your pup’s body temperature when the heat rises. Just fill enough for the water to cover your dog’s legs and ensure the water is cool but not cold - if the water is too cold it can send your dog into shock on a really hot day.

5. Chuckit Hydrofreeze Ball - Chuckit are known for their brilliant range of throwing toys. This one is made for the hot weather. Not only can you play regular games of fetch with the HydroFreeze ball, but you can also fill the internal reservoir with water and freeze the ball for a wonderful cooling effect. It fits in the Chuckit throwers too to get extra distance during those games of fetch!

All for Paws Chill Out Splash & Fun Dog Pool                    Chuckit HydroFreeze Ball

Left to Right: AFP Chill Out Splash & Fun Pool; Chuckit HydroFreeze Ball.

6. Trixie Freezable Puppy Teething Bone - This cute little bone has a number of benefits. It is designed to soothe aching gums in teething puppies with its natural rubber material and bobbly texture. It can also be filled with water and frozen - this will further aid those sore gums, but also provide your pup with a refreshing chew in Summer. A great way to help them stay cool.

7. All for Paws Chill Out Ice Bandana - This cute dog bandana is both stylish and practical. It’s designed to be soaked in water and placed on your dog whilst damp. It will cool and soothe, giving comfort on a hot day. It comes in a number of sizes to suit a range of breeds and Is simple to put on with a velcro fastening.

8. All for Paws Chill Out Cooling Mat - Giving your pets somewhere to retreat when the mercury rises is really important. A shaded area, that is kept as cool as possible is a must. This cooling mat is a great addition to the space for your dogs to lounge on. Many dogs (and cats!) will seek out cold tiles in the Summer, but if you don’t have those, a cooling mat is an ideal alternative. This one contains a special gel inner that will keep the surface cold. 

Trixie Freezable bone toy AFP Chill Out Ice Bandana  AFP Chill Out Cooling Mat 

Left to Right: Trixie Freezable Bone; AFP Chill Out Ice Bandana; AFP Chill Out Cooling Mat.

9. All For Paws Chill Out Garden Fountain - If your dog isn’t a fan of being submerged in water, but you’d still like a water toy for them to play with, then this fountain may be ideal. It will allow your pup to feel a spray of water without having to fully get in. The fountain can be controlled by you, or you can even train your dog to use it themselves. It has a pedal which, when pressed, makes the fountain spurt water giving your dog a refreshing shower!

10. Ruffwear Swamp Cooler Cooling Vest - This cooling vest by Ruffwear is a brilliant accessory for dogs and can be used on dog walks or just when sitting in the garden. It features a reflective fabric that will reflect heat away from your dog and it can be soaked in water. The evaporative nature of the soaked fabric will give a lovely cooling effect when your dog needs it most. It isn’t only great for hot weather, but also for dogs who are very active. If you regularly go on hikes or similarly gruelling activities, this cooling coat can help to stop your dog from over-heating. Available in five sizes for a range of dog breeds.

AFP Chill Out Garden Water Fountain              Ruffwear Swamp Cooler Cooling Vest

Left to Right: AFP Chill Out Garden Fountain; Ruffwear Swamp Cooler Cooling Vest.

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