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Top 10 Summer Toys for Dogs


Dog standing on the beach with his frisbee toy

Ice lollies in the sun; lounging on the beach; paddling in the sea; a Pimm’s or two in the garden; all just a few of our favourite things about the Summer!  Another thing we love is to play with our dog outside. Even if it isn’t sunny, the milder weather still means we can get outside more often for fun games of fetch and other activities.

In this blog we thought we’d share some of our favourite dog toys for the Summer. A host of things that will make your outdoor playtimes that little bit more fun, taking your outdoor adventures to the next level. Read on to find out which dog toys made our list:


The Best Outdoor Dog Toys for the Summer

NERF Trackshot Launcher - Every dog loves a game of fetch. It’s important to take a safe dog toy along to the park or the beach for your next game of throw and retrieve, as opposed to a natural stick which can be dangerous. This throwing toy by NERF is fantastic. It has the body of a soft plush toy but with added durability so it can withstand being carried in the mouth. It can also be launched up to 75ft taking your games of fetch into a whole new dimension. Super fun for you and your dog!

NERF Trackshot Launcher Dog Toy

Chuckit Rugged Flyer - Frisbees are great fun for all the family and a brilliant option when there is lots of space around. If you’re heading to the beach or the local playing fields then the Chuckit Rugged Flyer is a great toy to take along.  It’s just like a standard frisbee but with a more durable build and ridged design to make it easier for your dog to catch and carry.

Chuckit Rigged Flyer Dog Throwing Toy

All For Paws Interactives Dog Hyper Fetch - Have you ever played so much fetch that your arm has ended up aching? Well, this automatic throwing machine by All for Paws will take the strain out of your next game! You can save your arms from all the throwing and simply pop your dog’s tennis balls (you get 3 in the pack) into the device. It will then pop the balls out for you. You can choose from 3 throwing modes so you can choose how far you want the ball to go - great if you have limited space. It also comes in 2 sizes, so you can choose a tennis ball size to suit your pup.

All For Paws Interactive Dog Hyper Fetch Dog Toy

KONG Airdog Fetch Stick with Rope - We don’t know a dog who doesn’t love their KONG toy. Known for their durable chewing toys, KONGS are a must in most canine households. This Airdog Fetch stick is another brilliant toy by the Premium pet brand and designed for throwing and tugging. It has a lightweight floating design making it ideal for trips to the beach as well as other outdoor destinations. It’s made of dog-safe, non-abrasive tennis ball material and features a long rope that makes it easy to fetch and carry.

KONG AirDog Fetch Stick with Rope

NERF Super Soak Shark Football - This tough throwing toy by NERF has the addition of a super absorbent interior. After it has been soaked in water it will squirt out when squeezed making it great for cooling games of fetch or chewing sessions in the Summer heat. It can even be frozen on the hottest days and given to your dog as a hard chew toy that will melt gradually. Ideal for the hottest summer weather.

NERF Super Soaker Shark Football Dog Toy

All For Paws Chill Out Ice Bone - Another cooling toy that is designed especially for regulating your dog’s body temperature. Simply fill with water and freeze before giving to your dog in hot weather. It has a gel inside that will keep the toy frozen for longer, so you know the cooling effect will be long lasting. Available in 2 sizes.

All For Paws Chill Out Bone Chew toy

Chuckit Breathe Right Ball - This is another brilliant throwing toy and a great safe alternative to natural sticks found outside.  The toy features a series of holes all around it which make it easy for your dog to hold in the mouth and also for them to breathe when they’re running with it during a game of fetch. It comes in this ball shape or alternatively, in the Breathe Right Stick design. Both are ideal for throwing games in the garden, on the beach or at the park.

Chuckit Breathe Right Ball Dog Toy

All For Paws Chill Out Lemon Slice - All for Paws make a wonderful range of ‘Chill Out’ toys that come in all shapes and sizes. Their range of fruity cooling toys includes this mouth-watering lemon. Simply soak the toy in cold water and let your pup chew and play with it. It has an integrated squeaker and crinkle to entice your canine and will help to keep them cool when temperatures soar. There are a variety of other shapes to choose from including a Watermelon Slice and Orange Flyer - why not treat your pup to their very own bowl of cooling fruit shaped toys!

All for Paws Lemon Slice Dog Toy

Happy Pet Flossin Fun Knotted Rope Tugger - Sometimes the best toys are the classics, and they don’t come much more classic than a dog rope toy for games of tug-of-war. Your dog will love chewing on this thick and durable rope.  It’s a great size for throwing when you’re outside but is also fun for a session of chewing too. An extra-large size that is ideal for large breed dogs.

Happy Pet Flossin Rope Dog Toy

All For Paws Chill Out Garden Water Fountain - This garden fountain is made especially for dogs and squirts water when your dog stands on it. This fun water toy for dogs will help to keep them cool in the Summer sun and can even be left outside when you’re not there - your pup only has to stand on it themselves to activate the fountain, offering them a cooling drink and maybe a shower too!

All for Paws Garden Water Fountain for Dogs


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