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Top 5 Pet Accessories for your Car


Top 5 Pet Accessories for your Car

Whether you’re a constant long-distance traveller or mainly stick to short trips around town, we have a number of travel accessories to make car travel with your pets as comfortable and easy as possible. Here we look at the top five travel accessories every dog owner should have. 


1. Travel Crate

It is a legal requirement that dogs are kept safely restrained in the car when travelling. This goes for short and long distance journeys. A travel crate is a great option for most dog owners; whether it’s a slanted crate for small breeds or a large carrier for medium to large breeds.

Car crate car carrier


2. Car Seat Belts & Carriers

If you prefer to travel with your dog in the main area of the car rather than the boot, then a dog seat belt or carrier which straps in to the seat is a great way to keep them safe. Seatbelts attach to your dogs harness (don’t attach to a collar as it may pull on your dog’s neck) and clip into your car’s fitted seatbelt. These are great for larger breeds that are too big for your boot. Where as the smaller carriers are great for smaller pups to be safely secured in the car. 

car harness mobile dog gear carrier


3. Travel Bowls

Travel bowls are an essential item for longer journeys. The Beco travel bowls are our favourite as they fold down flat for easy storage and are made from eco-friendly plant based fibres. Available in a number of sizes and colours these are truly handy accessories for any dog owner.

Beco Travel Bowl 2 in 1 non spill bowl


​​4. Boot Mats

A good quality boot mat is a handy addition to any travel accessories collection. Perfect after a walk in the countryside or on the beach to help protect your car from muddy paws. 

carpet seat boot mat


5. Drying Coat or Bag

This may seem like an odd choice for a travel accessory, but actually these come in so handy on your travels. Drying coats, towels and bags aren’t just for bath time but ideal after a run on the beach, or to dry off after a wet weather walk. Pop the coat on once you get back to the car and it will help dry and keep your pup warm. We always keep a drying coat in our travel bag as you just never know when it might come in handy!

drying coat DRYING bag


And We haven’t forgotten Travel for Cats…

It’s just as important to ensure our cats are safe on their travels. From short trips to the vet to longer car journeys, a good quality carrier is a must-have.    

What are your favourite travel accessories? We’d love to know what items you can’t live without when travelling with your furry family members. Send us pictures and we may even feature you in a social media post!

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