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Top 10 Dog Accessories for Spring - Our favourite Springtime Accessories


Top 10 Dog Accessories for Spring - Our favourite Springtime Accessories

Every season brings with it a certain set of challenges for pet owners. Whether it’s the super cold temperatures of Winter, the extreme heat in Summer or the dampness of Autumn, each season requires a little thought to keep our canine family members as happy as possible. In Spring, we’ve come to expect a mixture of weather, especially here in the UK; it can be bright and warm one moment and then pouring with rain the next! Here, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite dog products for Spring so that you and your canine pals can navigate this beautiful season in comfort. Our list is full of practical travel accessories for the car as well as other everyday items that will keep your pup looking and feeling great!


Our Favourite Dog Accessories for Spring

Dog Coat - The first item on the list has to be a good coat. Spring can be very wet so having a waterproof dog coat is a must. We’d suggest something that can be layered with other items for warmth if needed, such as the Ruffwear Sunshower jacket that can be layered over the Climate Changer fleece. Or a jumper that can be layered under a waterproof jacket. Just make sure you’re prepared for a range of weathers before leaving the house on your day trips!


dog in a rain coat dog in fleece


We recently wrote a blog about The Best Dog Coats for Spring which may be worth a read if you need help choosing one.


Dog Drying Coat - With wet weather in mind, a dog drying coat can be a lifesaver at this time of year. We use ours all year round for different things, but in Spring it’s a brilliant addition to your travel kit for days out. Whether it’s a run on the beach or a rainy walk in the countryside, if your dog does get wet on their walk you can pop this on before they get back in the car. It will wick the extra moisture away from their body helping to keep them warm and to dry off more quickly. We also like to use them for bath times and as a cooling jacket when it comes to the summer.


Cockapoo puppy in an orange striped drying coat Labrador in a brown drying coat


Washable Dog Bed - It sounds like all we talk about is rain, but even a bit of mud can be a pain in the Spring. If your dog is one for jumping in muddy puddles or spends lots of time in the field, then a bed that can be washed in the washing machine can be great. Most of our dog beds have a waterproof liner too, and removable covers which is great this time of year. Check out our sofa toppers, which sit on top of your sofa to avoid muddy footprints on your furniture, and they're able to be washed with ease.

Norjack Terrier on a Savanna Sofa Topper


Car Protection - With day trips very much on the agenda, making sure we’ve got all the car and travel accessories we need is a must. One of our must have items is car/boot protection, which protects the boot or the car seats from water and dirt. They're a must have car accessory for days at the beach or park when your dog may well return rather dirtier than they arrived! They're also handy to have for trips to the recycling centre and garden centre and any other excursion that may call for extra protection for your car’s interior.  


Dog Shampoo & Grooming Products - Dogs tend to start shedding around March and can continue to do so well into early Summer. A shed control shampoo such as the one by Tropiclean is ideal to help keep loose hair to a minimum.  It’ll help to keep tangles and knots at bay too.


Insect Shield Snood - Do you love a ramble in woodland or in the countryside? One thing you might not like are the insects that make an appearance at this time of year. If your dog gets easily irritated by insects, then try one of these Insect Shield Snoods by Scruffs. They will help deter flying insects from descending on your pup. 


Travel cup - Outdoor adventures become much more appealing at this time of year and if your outings are like ours, then they probably get longer the further into Spring we get. If your daily strolls are turning into longer walks, maybe even day trips, then taking provisions with you is a must. The Travel Bowl is a great item to slip in your bag, take some food and a drink for your dog. You won’t have to worry about getting home for lunch!


Dexas Mud Buster - Keep muddy paws at bay with the MudBuster. It’s a really simple contraption to use; simply add a little water, insert the paw, do a little twist, dab the paw dry and repeat 3 more times! Perfect to keep in the car before you allow your dog back inside after a walk, or to keep in the porch for when you return after a walk.


Mobile Dog Gear - With the potential for longer day trips with our dogs at this time of year, a good quality travel bag is something we can’t do without. The mobile dog gear range has enough room to pack all the dog food and treats you’ll need as well as a few more essentials including wipes, a lead and a toy. It has so many great features including collapsible silicone bowls that store neatly inside when travelling as well as a matching placemat. You’ll be able to pack everything that you need for some brilliant Springtime adventures with your canine pals!


Cockapoo named Teddy with a mobile dog gear backpack   Mobile Dog Gear Carrier  


Pet Wipes - A really simple item, but essential nonetheless! Some good quality pet wipes are one of our go-to products for quick clean ups in-between bath time. They are brilliant for a quick clean down after a walk just before getting back in the car!

Some good options are the Earth Rated Grooming Wipes which come in a lovely lavender fragrance or the HOWND Yup You Stink Emergency Wipes.


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