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Travelling with your Pet


Travelling with your Pet

Travelling with your pet can be a lot of fun. Many families like to bring their pet along for some of the fun and to avoid the higher costs that come with boarding their pet or finding someone else to take care of the pet. If you plan to do any travelling with your pet, it's best to be prepared. This does take some planning to make sure that your pet is comfortable and will be able to travel safely. Some of the steps that you can take to make travelling with your pet a little easier include:

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Checking the Requirements

If you plan to take your pet abroad or you need to fly to your location, you need to read up on all of the requirements. It isn’t possible to just book a seat on the plane for your furry friend. There are many countries around the world that have rules when it comes to animals before they can get off the plane and you need to know these regulations before you leave. Whether it has to be vaccinations or certain parasite testing, there is usually something that you need to prove before the pet can come with you. 

There are also different rules at each airline about how the pet can travel. Some smaller pets may be able to come on the plane with you if they are kept in a small carrier the whole time. Others may need to be taken and held for you until you get to the new location. You need to check this with your chosen airline before you book your stay. 


Make Sure your Pet is Comfortable

Unlike you, your pet won't be able to get up and enjoy some movement when on the plane, so you must make sure that they are comfortable while travelling. One way that you can do this is to make sure they are introduced to their carrier at least a few weeks before you travel. They need to be used to the carrier since they will spend a good deal of time staying there while you travel. This can take some of the stress off travelling as well. 

It's good to try to make the carrier as comfortable as possible, as your pet may be spending a large amount of time within it. Have a few toys and some blankets to make it a little softer as well. While driving, let them out to stretch and get their muscles working every few hours. While on the plane, let them out at the new location so they can get a break from all the sitting. 


Get Them Pet Insurance

Before you decide to take your pet on a trip, it is a good idea to get them some pet insurance. You never know when an accident can happen, but it tends to be more likely when you are far away from home - without the insurance. There is a wide range of pet insurance costs that you can choose from to ensure that it fits into your budget. This can give you some peace of mind and keeps your pet safe no matter where you go on the road. Pick the one that works the best for you and never have to worry while you are travelling and your pet gets unwell or injured. 


Be Prepared

Be ready to provide your pet with all of the stuff they may need along the way. This includes lots of toys and food and treats that your pet will need while they are travelling. Most experts agree that you need to take a first aid kit with you when travelling with your pet in case they get hurt. This can save you an expensive trip to the vet, something you may want to avoid even with pet insurance to help you. 


Your Pet in a Hotel

If you plan to stay in the hotel with your pet, you need to be aware that not all hotels will take your pet. Many that do accept them will charge a bit extra per night to make this happen. The exact fee will depend on which hotel you are using. There are different hotels that are going to offer this service, so check to see if there are some of these on your journey. When you find a hotel that will allow your pet to stay, you need to still treat the area with kindness. Obey the rules of the hotel and try not to allow the pet to run around, bark, or make a mess. 

Travelling with your pet can be an adventure and will ensure that both of you can enjoy the final location when it is all done. It does take a little bit of planning on your part, but when you are prepared and follow some of the tips above, you will be ready to take that pet wherever you plan to roam. 

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