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What Can Dogs Eat For Treats?


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Feeding our dogs a healthy diet that provides them with all the healthy nutrients they need is an important consideration for all pet owners. It isn’t just about what food to serve at mealtimes but also what treats and snacks are suitable in-between. Dog treats come in many forms and can be fed at various times of the day.

In this article we will answer a couple of frequently asked questions about treats for dogs including what some of the best treats are, and which are best for cleaning teeth.

Dog owner holding a treat out for their dog


What Are Dog Treats?

Dog treats come in all shapes, sizes and flavours. They can also be used for different things such as training treats for rewarding your pup when teaching new things; tasty treats as a snack in-between meals and celebration treats that are made for special occasions such as birthdays.

When you’re training your puppy or adult dog, kibble sized training treats are ideal. They are small enough to stow in your pocket for dog walks and you can give them one any time that they show good behaviour or learn a new trick.

Treats can also be given as a tasty snack in-between meals too. We’d suggest choosing something with healthy ingredients such as the natural treats. They come in all kinds of varieties such as the Earth Animal Chews and Pooch & Mutt Fresh Breath Treats.

When it comes to special occasions, it’s ok to serve something a little naughtier as a one-off treat for a Birthday. Our selection of divine baked goods for dogs include an array of treats by Molly’s Patisserie and The Barking Bakery, all baked with dog friendly recipes and perfect for a dog birthday party or other event.

Treats can also come in the form of human food and leftovers too. Things like fresh meat and vegetables can be given to our dogs as long as you take care not to over-indulge them with this kind of food and be careful which foods are given. There are some human foods that can be toxic to dogs and it’s important not to allow our dogs to eat these.

Foods not to give to your dog include:

  • Raisins
  • Grapes
  • Chocolate
  • Onion
  • Corn on the Cob
  • Avocado
  • Sweets and products with artificial sweeteners


What Are The Best Treats To Give Your Dog?

At Lords & Labradors we have sourced a wide selection of dog treats from some of the best premium pet brands around including The Innocent Hound, Lily’s Kitchen and Billy + Margot. Here are some our favourite dog treats:

Training Treats

The Innocent Hound Puppy Training Treats - These are brilliant treats for puppies for all their training purposes and are filled with 80% fresh British lamb. Full of goodness and grain-free. Suitable from 8 weeks old.

Forthglade Training Treats - These are slightly larger shaped kibble treats which are suitable for adult dogs but can also be broken in half for smaller breeds and puppies. A healthy blend of natural ingredients that are suitable for all of your training and rewarding needs.  Suitable from 2 months old.


Cooper & Co Venison Sausage Bites - These are made of 100% venison for a premium meat filled treat that your dog will love!


Chew Treats

Earth Animal No Hide Chicken Dog Chew - Each Earth Animal treat is made from 100% natural ingredients and is a safer, healthier alternative to raw hide.  They are bursting with flavour and absolutely ideal for avid chewers, providing boredom busting delicious flavour! Suitable for puppies from 6 months old.


Billy + Margot Wild Venison Chew Sticks - Billy + Margot make premium dog treats from some of the best ingredients. These meaty chew sticks are made from 100% air dried venison and are full of protein and Omega 3, with absolutely no preservatives or nasties. Suitable for puppies from 3 months old.   


Pawtato Small Knots - These Pawtato knots come in this small size and also a large size for medium to large breeds. These are great if you're looking for vegan dog treats that are healthy for your dog and suitable from 4 months old. 

Healthy Treats

Natures Variety 100% Salmon Chunks - These delicious Salmon Chunks for dogs are 100% real meat and gluten and grain free! The chunks are the perfect sized treats for a quick and healthy snack. 

Denzel's Superfood Soft Chews - These soft chews provide a longer to eat treat, and they're made from 100% natural ingredients and they're low in calories!

Natures Deli Duck Training Bites - As a smaller treat, the Natures Deli Duck Training Bites are high in protein and have no artificial colours and flavours.


Hypoallergenic Treats

Pawtato Spinach & Kale Sticks - Full of natural ingredients, the tasty sweet potato and rice sticks have a spinach filling. Great for those dogs with gluten or soya allergies. 

The Innocent Hound Sliced Duck Sausages with Cranberry - These hypoallergenic, grain free and suitable for raw diet treats are air dried to retain all their flavour and nutrients. 

Denzel's Soft 'n' Squishy Plant Based Bites - The tasty plant based, soft bites have all 100% natural ingredients, they're grain free and as a bonus, they're low in calories too!


What Are The Best Dog Teeth Cleaning Treats?

Many of our natural chew treats such as those by Earth Animal will have a certain amount of teeth cleaning properties. There are also some dedicated dental treats that are made with your dog’s oral hygiene in mind. Here are some of the best dental chew treats for dogs:

Lily’s Kitchen Woof Brush - The woof brush treat sticks are designed to keep your pup’s teeth healthy. They are made with all-natural ingredients and feature a special ridged shape for your pup to gnaw on. What’s more, they’ll help to keep your dog’s breath fresh too! Available in 3 different sizes for different breeds.


Pedigree DentaStix - These stick chews by Pedigree can reduce tartar build-up by up to 80%! The unique cross shaped stick helps to get in between the teeth as your pup chews on them and they’ll freshen the breath at the same time.


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