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What Does it Mean When Dogs Eat Grass?


What Does it Mean When Dogs Eat Grass?

You may have wondered why your dog munches on grass, whether it’s in your garden or out on a walk - there must be a reason why they find it so tasty? Or maybe it’s something more concerning you need to be aware of. In this blog, we discuss the potential dangers of your dog eating grass and what to look out for to keep your dog safe. 


Why does my dog keep eating grass? 

Eating grass is surprisingly quite common and a natural behaviour for dogs. Although it seems strange to us humans, our dogs eat grass for a number of reasons, for many of our four legged friends it’s likely they enjoy the taste and the texture.

Your dogs habit of eating grass may not directly relate to a health issue or dietary deficiencies, but if your dog is eating grass but not their food, eating a large amount of grass, or vomiting after eating grass (and then continues to eat the grass), contact your vet for advice. 

Your dog could just be eating grass because they like it. It’s normal for your dog to want to eat both plant and meat - but be aware of what plants they are eating however as some can be harmful, as discussed in our previous blog. Note the times of year your dog is interested in the grass as it’s possible the texture and smell are different throughout the year.

Simply, your dog may just be bored and isn’t getting enough mental stimulation. Often as well as eating grass, they will dig or chew something they may not meant to. Here at Lords and Labradors we have a large range of interactive toys to keep them entertained and tire them out.

There are many reasons your dog could be choosing grass as their snack, and you’ve probably heard many times it’s to ‘make themselves sick’ or to ‘settle their stomachs’, however this isn’t always the case. Some dogs may vomit after eating grass, although it’s actually more common for dogs not to be sick after they’ve eaten some grass.

Previous researchers have suggested your dog may be lacking fibre in their diet. And others have suggested some dogs may regularly eat grass to help flush out any parasites that may be in their intestines. If you’re thinking of changing your dogs diet, it’s good to speak with your vet first. 


Is grass good for dogs? 

Eating grass is actually normal behaviour for dogs and it’s unlikely they’ll get a great deal of nutrition from it. For a healthy dog that is regularly wormed, eating grass every now and again is unlikely something to worry about. Be aware of the hazards of your dog eating grass that may have been treated with fertilisers, herbicides or pesticides.

If your dog shows signs of illness, such as not eating their normal food, having diarrhoea or constipation. Or if they’re eating grass obsessively, call your vet and get advice. 


Dog playing with interactive toy Dog playing with interactive toy
Pictured: Nina Ottosson Dog Tornado Puzzle, Nina Ottosson Dog Smart Composite Puzzle


How do I stop my dog from eating grass? 

If you’re worried about the potential dangers of eating grass and you’d rather your dog not eat it, once you’ve ruled out any health or dietary implications, try engage them in some fun activities. Try giving them a puzzle feeder or play an obedience game with them with treats to stimulate them as they may be eating grass due to boredom. 

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