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What To Get a Dog For Christmas


Our dogs are just as much a part of the family as our human relatives and friends which is why most of us like to spoil them when it comes to birthdays and Christmas. If you’re compiling your shopping list, you might be wondering what you can get for your dog. The options may not seem as varied as they do for people, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t lots of things you could buy for them. All dogs love to play, so toys are always a good option. And how about treats? What dog do you know that doesn’t love a tasty snack? We also have lots of other great ideas for you including walking accessories or a new bed?


In this article we explore all the ideas we have for doggie gifts this Christmas, and also note some things that aren’t suitable for them too.


dog with his Christmas list


What do you get your dog for Christmas 

We often wonder what we should get people for Christmas and thinking of gifts for our pets is no different. Writing a shopping list for the festive season can be daunting at first; who doesn’t get writer’s block when looking at a white piece of paper?!  But there are all kinds of things that you could get your dog. One thing we like to do is think about what would benefit their lives and ours too. Buying them things that are practical is a great start. How about some new walking accessories? A new dog walking set could be just the thing they need, especially if you have a growing puppy. This would also be a super practical idea if you’re thinking of starting a New Year’s fitness regime. Many of us have New Year’s resolutions, and if yours is to get fit then why not take your dog with you? It could be as easy as extending those dog walks by fifteen minutes – a new collar and lead will be benefitting them and you! Here are some other practical gift ideas for dogs:


New Grooming Products – Dog grooming is an essential part of a dog’s routine. Why not treat them to a fancy new shampoo, conditioner or balm? Brands like Wildwash make luxury grooming products for dogs. They are beautifully packaged; making for a great present, and they’re all natural too – sustainability and practicality all in one parcel.


New Dog Bowls and Feeding Accessories – We have some wonderful pet bowls and other accessories to make dinner time that little bit more stylish. You could choose a gorgeous luxury bowl by Fennela Smith; a practical printed melamine design by Tarhong; or why not treat them to something really special and get them a personalised dog bowl by Purple Glaze.


New Dog Bed and Bedding – Give the gift of a dreamy night’s sleep with a new pet bed. Our Lords & Labradors range includes handmade, luxury pet bedding to suit any dog and home. Whether it's a beautiful new crate set complete with cushion, bumper and cover or a gorgeous Velvet cushion, there is a bed in our collection to suit every taste. Browse the collection online and pick your favourite!


What does my dog want for Christmas 

Another way to approach your dog’s gift list is to think about what your dog wants for Christmas. A new shampoo or bowl might be a practical idea, but it might not get their tail wagging! The likelihood is that your dog would rather open something they can get their teeth around, or something that they can play with. Here are some things that you could put under the tree for them that might get them more excited:


Dog Toys - If there’s one thing that’s for sure, our dogs love to play! Why not treat them to some new toys for Christmas. You could choose something festively themed from our Grotto like a plush Elf toy; or you could choose something from our main toy collection that they can play with all year long. Whether your dog likes to play indoors or outdoors; likes to chew, tug, chase or cuddle, there’s a toy that they will love just waiting on our shelves.


Dog Treats – Another present that might get your dog excited is an edible one. We have a brilliant range of tasty dog treats that will make perfect presents. You could choose some new training treats from brands such as Lily’s Kitchen or Laughing Dog, or you could go for something a little more special. Brands such as The Barking Bakery, BonBon Pooch and Molly’s Pattisserie make the most delightful baked treats for dogs in the form of cakes, cookies and other special recipes that are fit for even the fanciest doggie party! You could buy them some of these and then throw a little Christmas or New Year Party for them. Don’t forget the ‘wine’ and ‘Beer’ from Woof & Brew too!


Dog sat on a sofa in front of a Christmas Tree


What not to give dogs at Christmas

Don’t forget, there are some things that we shouldn’t give to our dogs at Christmas. Things like chocolate, sweets and many other foods that we eat are actually toxic to dogs. We suggest you only feed your dog food and treats that have been especially made for them just to be on the safe side. Also be aware of Christmas wrapping paper, tinsel and other decorations. Whilst your dog might find fun in batting a discarded bit of paper around, if they ingest it by accident it can cause an obstruction in the stomach. 


Other potential hazards at Christmas:


• Candles

• Potpourri

• Plants such as Ivy, Mistletoe, and Holly

• Alcohol

• Macadamia nuts

• Leftover Christmas Dinner

• Onions

• Christmas Pudding

• Chocolate


Whilst some of these things may not even be considered as Christmas gifts, it’s still a good idea to make a note of them and ensure you keep your dog away from them this Christmas.


We hope you’ve found our guide helpful. Have fun shopping for your presents this year, and don’t forget to get in touch if you need any help with product information.

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