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Let's Make a Toast - Celebrate New Year With Your Pets


Two dogs wearing party hats

2020 has been a rather challenging year for all of us. Whilst it’s easy to focus on the bad, there have also been some good things to come out of the Pandemic. It has made us find creative ways to entertain ourselves; has brought us closer to family, even though we can’t always see each other in person; and it has allowed us to spend even more time with our pets. Despite all of this, it’s probably safe to say that many of us are looking forward to a post-pandemic world with normality reinstated. This New Year we’ll be happy to reflect on the past year and look forward to a, hopefully more positive, 2021.


Whilst our New Year celebrations will be rather different  - there’ll be no gathering for a party or fireworks display - we will still find some way to celebrate and make it special. Here we look at ways to celebrate the New Year with your pets.


Dog at new year with party decorations


Things to do with your pets at New Year

Raise a glass and Toast the New Year

Whilst we won’t be able to invite family and friends who don’t live with us to celebrate, there is no reason your household can’t have a small celebration of your own. Why not plan a nice meal with some pudding and a drink or two? And of course,  your pets should be involved too. We have a wonderful variety of pet treats so that they can join in with the New Year Dinner. Don’t forget to make a toast at the end of the evening. Whilst you can raise a glass of bubbles to see the New Year in, you could give your cats and dogs a bowl of pet friendly ‘Pawsecco’ and let them join in with the ‘cheers’! The Woof & Brew range includes both a rosé and white ‘wine’ options - it’s a non-alcoholic, pet safe recipe, but we won’t tell the pups! - as well as Bottom Sniffer ‘beer’ if wine isn’t their thing.



Woof & Brew Duo Pack of 'Wine' for dogsPosh Pooch 'White Wine' for dogsWoof & Brew Bottom Sniffer 'beer' for dogs

New Years Day Dog Walk

The New Year is all about starting afresh. Many of us will begin the year with some new resolutions, often based around being healthier and getting fitter. We’d suggest starting as you mean to go on by getting outside and going for a walk with your dog. You could try a new route to make it more exciting or get in the car and go somewhere that you haven’t visited - just be aware of local restrictions around Covid and ensure you can socially distance. Getting some exercise after the busy Christmas and New Year period is always welcome. And if you're pup got a new collar and lead under the tree at Christmas, it'll be the perfect excuse to use them What better way to blow away the cobwebs and try to shift some of those extra calories gained over the festive period!


Two people walking with four Dalmatians


Playtime with your pet’s new toys

Did you gift your cat or dog some new toys at Christmas? Well now is the time to put those to use and have a playdate. Whether it’s a game of fetch out in the garden or some indoor playtime fun, games with your cats and dogs offer great binding time for your both. Playing is super fun and also helps keep your pets active and their brains working. 


We have a great range of party themed toys too. We may not need be to able to have a big New Year party, but there's no reason we can't make playtime into a mini party!


Party Star shaped plush dog toy with a ropeFuzzyard Larger can shaped plush dog toy PetBloon Balloon Play Toy for Dogs


Keep your pet safe this New Year

Whilst New Year should be about having fun, there are some potential hazards for our pets that we should all be aware of:


Fireworks - This year, with the current pandemic, there may be well be less fireworks displays going on. But be aware of them just in case. Many pets will be nervous and scared of fireworks so try your best to keep them calm if fireworks do go off in your area. You  could try a pet calming product or two such a spray or room diffuser to help keep our pets relaxed. You can also try turning the tv or radio to drown out the noise. Make sure they have a cosy, safe place to relax and sleep and they should be okay. Our previous article here is also worth a read and has more handy tips for helping nervous pets through the noise of fireworks.


Alcohol - Make sure you keep alcohol out of the reach of pets as it can be extremely toxic to cats and dogs.


Seasonal Plants - Be aware of seasonal plants that may be toxic to your cats and dogs. Plants such as Holly, Poinsettia, and Mistletoe can all be toxic to pets if ingested. It’s okay to have them in the house as long as they not in reach of your pets.


Two dogs wear party hats for New Year


We hope we have given you some great ideas to make the New Year a special one for your and your pets. Wishing you all a great start to 2021... Cheers!



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