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Collection Spotlight: The Savanna Collection


Collection Spotlight: The Savanna Collection

Spring is in the air and your old, muddy dog bed might not quite fit with your newly spring cleaned home! We love nothing more than making sure our pets are comfortable, but a dog bed that looks good and supports our dogs needs are the top of our list!

Introducing our Savanna Collection, which has been carefully designed to suit your dogs needs, equipped with all you’ll ever need for your dog to be oh-so stylish and comfortably supported whilst drifting off to sleep.


Crate Bedding and Sets

Our Savanna crate bedding and crate sets are the ultimate dog beds. If your dog loves their crate; they’ll love having a cosy den of their own where they can retreat to for a snooze. Basic dog crates can be quite draughty and unsightly, which is where our luxury Savanna crate bedding comes in. Whether you choose to pair your crate with a cover, or a bumper or a cushion, or mix and match with a crate, bumper and cushion, your dogs crate will look so cosy and will be the most delightful doggie den you’ve ever seen! All of our ‘By Lords & Labradors’ bedding is designed, made and packed in our workshop in Lincolnshire, so you can be sure it’s of the highest quality.

Our luxury dog crate sets are machine washable on a delicate cycle (perfect for any training puppies), and come as part of a four piece set. Build your crate set with a crate of your choice, featuring from our core crate colours, black, silver or gold, paired with a crate cover in one of our Savanna fabrics. The crate cover really helps your dog/puppy get into their nighttime routine - you can roll down the doors which can signify it’s time to sleep. Our crate cushions fit the inside of the crate perfectly and can be taken out to use as a standalone dog bed when needed too. The final piece of the set is the bumper which will add a cosy wall of cushioning to the inside of the crate. It’s the perfect addition for any dog or puppy who loves to curl up in the corner of their crate at nap time or bedtime. Our crate sets and crate bedding come in 5 different sizes, suitable for all breed of dog. If you already have your crate, you can purchase a crate set separately by emailing us at, or by calling us on +44 (0) 1790 720900.

Puppy sleeping in a savanna oatmeal crate set Dog standing next to a savanna crate set


Sofa Toppers

Introducing our most stylish sofa protection, our Savanna Sofa Toppers. The hard wearing Savanna fabric are perfect for pups who like to dig or circle to get comfortable when making themselves at home on your sofa. The sofa toppers feature a gorgeous comfy, soft inner (so great for you too!), as well as being machine washable at 30 degrees. The cover is easily removed for washing so you it’ll fit within your washing machine! Our luxurious sofa toppers come in three different sizes or they can be made to fit your sofa, just get in touch with our team on +44 (0) 1790 720900 if you'd like a custom quote.

Puppy laying on a Savanna sofa topper

High Wall Beds

Our super cosy high wall beds come in our choice of luxury Savanna colours, they’re super cosy, super soft and your dog will love cuddling up inside getting all snuggly against the high sided walls. The beds come in three sizes so you’ll be sure to find the the bed perfect for your dog - you can even personalise it with their name too! The only decision is what colour to go for - you don’t need to worry about their muddy paw prints getting on the bed either as the Savanna material is extremely durable and the bed will look beautiful for years if given the right care! You can wash the beds at 30 degrees and lay to air dry and your dogs bed will look as good as new!

dog sleeping in a high wall bed


Savanna Box Beds

Our durable and stylish box beds are perfect for those stretched out sleepers, or even those pups who need a little more support. Our box beds are easy for your dog to get onto and curl up to get comfy. The box beds feature a reversible inner cushion with a lovely soft teddy fleece on one side and the durable Savanna fabric on the opposite side, so you and your pup have the choice of which side they’d like to sleep on. The beds not only look gorgeous and stylish, they’re comfy and  soft and squishy, for your pup to lay their weary heads on the cushioned walls. All of our Savanna beds are washable, meaning your dogs bed will look gorgeous for years!

Dog in a Savanna box bed


Cosy Blankets

Our luxurious Savanna blankets are hand crafted from our gorgeous Savanna fabrics and the softest teddy fleece on the reverse. The blankets will look fabulous in your home and your dog will love cuddling up to them. The blankets come in 2 different sizes suitable for dogs of many breeds and ages, and the perfect size for the end of your bed where they love to curl up. They’re a brilliant addition to your home, or ideal for a gift for a puppy or dog - you can even personalise them too!

puppy asleep on the Savanna blanket



Our Savanna bandanas are the perfect gift for your dog, or a friends dog! The luxury Savanna bandanas are hand made from the highest quality fabric that is sure to make your pup stand out. The bandanas are really easy to fit, simply looping on to your dog's favourite collar - they’ll look so stylish and dapper whatever the occasion in their fabulous neckerchief! 

Or perhaps your dog is more of a toy lover - our Savanna bone plush toys are made from the our gorgeous Savanna that is sure to withstand playtime! Each toy is fashioned from our fabulous Savanna fabric that is durable and stylish. - You can also get their name on their bone too!

Labrador dog wearing a Savanna bandana Savanna Bones in a basket

The Savanna Collection

Dog Cushion in Savanna Oatmeal by Lords & Labradors
Lords & Labradors Dog Cushion in Savanna Oatmeal by Lords & Labradors In Savanna Oatmeal
From £84.99
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Lords & Labradors Savanna Box Bed For Dogs In Savanna
From £104.99
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Lords & Labradors High Wall Savanna Bed For Dogs In Savanna
From £94.99

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