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Why do dogs wear bandanas?


Why do dogs wear bandanas?

Doggy bandanas are worn for serval reasons, not only do they make your dog look super stylish, there are bandanas that are used for safety, preventive reasons and can serve different purposes when worn outdoors. In this article, we look into why dogs wear bandanas and if they are necessary.


What is the point in a bandana?

The primary purpose of a dog bandana is to communicate, whether this be for the owner, or for the dog itself. Owners put different coloured bandanas on to visually communicate how they interact with other people and other dogs, or alternatively, they may personalise a bandana for example, ‘I’m Anxious’, to communicate the dog is anxious around other dogs/people.

Dog’s not only wear bandanas for communication, they may reduce anxiety, repel bugs, dry dribble/wet mouths and can act as a fashion accessory. If your dog does not have multiple coats, they may need a bandana to keep warm, if a coat isn’t suitable for them. Our Lords & Labradors tweed bandanas are great for keeping your small dog/puppy cosy and warm around their neck and chest.

In warmer climates, bandanas are a great way to keep your dog cool. Ensure the bandana chosen is a ‘cooling bandana’ as these deflect sunlight and soak up water to give a consistent cooling effect to your dog. Simply immerse the bandana in water, squeeze out excess water and tie through your dogs collar, ensuring it is not too tight. Ensure the largest part of the bandana cover the chest area.

You may see a dog wearing a hi-vis bandana when out and about on a walk, these are typically used for safety, and often used on early morning walks/evening walks where your dog may not be as visible to other road users.

Bandanas are also used at events, you may want to dress your dog up for a particular event, whether this be your wedding, a birthday, a brand awareness or another cause/charity. If you’d like to dress your dog up, just ensure they’re happy wearing the bandana and it isn’t causing any discomfort or irritation.


How to get your dog to wear a bandana

Once you’ve chosen your bandana, they can often be attached in two ways. They can be attached either through the collar - where the collar slips through the bandana and hangs off the collar. Or you can tie the bandana around the dogs neck, do make sure it’s not tied to tightly and you can fit 2 fingers between the bandana and your dogs neck.


What size bandana for a dog?

The size of the bandana will depend on the type of dog bandana you choose, and the purpose of the bandana. Here at Lords and Labradors, we confirm the size of bandana and what breed they’re generally recommended for.

Our Lords & Labradors guides are below to help you choose your perfect fit:





 Recommended For




Chihuahua, Pomeranian




 Dachshund, Jack Russell, Pug 




 French Bulldog, Cocker Spaniel 

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