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Everything You Need For Your New Yorkipoo Puppy


Small bundles of cuteness, Yorkipoos will be a friendly, playful and intelligent addition to your family. If you’ve never had a Yorkipoo before, or any kind of dog for that matter, you might be wondering “What do I need to get”? Well we’re here to help! In this article we’ll discuss a little more about the breed and their history as well as give you a detailed list of all the things you should consider when putting your puppy shopping list together.


yorkipoo puppy


About the Yorkipoo Breed

Yorkipoos were first cross bred in the 80’s/90’s with the idea of combining the best traits of both the Poodle and Yorkshire Terrier breeds. In effect, they can be friendly, people oriented puppies with a low shedding coat. As puppies, it’s hard to resist them with their tiny frame and cute sparkling eyes, but don’t let this fool you; they can be full of character too! It’s well worth remembering though, that the Yorkipoo is a cross-breed and therefore traits will almost certainly vary from puppy to puppy - no one trait is guaranteed.


They tend to be tiny in frame, usually being bred from Toy or Miniature poodles. They make great companion pets and don’tt like to be left alone for long periods of time. If you work full time, you may want to find a friend or family member who can pop in every now and then. Overall they make great pets for both city and country dwellers and tend to be easy to train.


yorkipoo puppy


So what do you need for a Yorkipoo? Here’s our list


For the Journey Home with Puppy

Small Pet Carrier - A small yet sturdy pet carrier is a must. Whether you’re picking them up from only a short distance away or you’re travelling a hundred miles or more, a good quality dog carrier will ensure you get your new Yorkipoo home safely. We’d suggest a small size that can be belted into the back of a car, such as the Trixie Friends on Tour Killian Carrier. It has vented sides so your puppy can see out and you can see in and it’s the perfect compact size for your little puppy. It will be great for trips to the pet or general days out too.


Trixie firends on tour holly pet carrier for small dogs and cats    Trixie Friends on Tour Kilian Carrier for small dogs and cats


Pet Blanket - You’ll want to keep your pup snug in the car and a blanket is perfect for that. We’d suggest giving your breeder a blanket a few weeks before you collect them so they can sleep with it before you pick them. This way they’ll have the smell of Mum with them after they leave. Our Luxury Velvet Scent Blankets are designed with this in mind and are ideal as a comforter for puppies. We also make velvet blankets in medium and large sizes which are great additions to your dog’s bed well into adulthood.


luxury velvet and sherpa blanket for puppies - two puppies wrapped in duck egg blue velvet blanket    Little pup  wrapped in a reindeer and mink faux fur dog blanket


Pet Travel Bag & Accessories - Ensure you have all the things you’ll need for the journey home. Overland make a great range of travel bags for dogs that include some essential travel feeding accessories. Available in a range of sizes from the Dine Away Set to the oh-so-spacious Week Away Duffle Bag there is something here for every length of journey. We’d suggest the small Day Away Tote for the day you bring your puppy home. It is a compact size and will be just enough room for your travel essentials and any accessories your breeder might give you. It even has a handy pouch for some dry food or snacks for longer journeys.

Dine Away pet travel bag  week away ultimate duffle bag - travel bag for dogs 


Pet Travel Bowl - Something to add to your travel bag, these travel bowls from Beco are so practical as they fold down flat making them easy to store. They won’t break either, being made of a floppy, non-toxic natural silicone. Great for a quick, on-the-road water break. The small size is ideal for your Yorkipoo. The only decision to make is which colour to choose!


beco travel bowlbeco travel bowl for dogs


Travel Water Bottle - You’ll need fresh water to put in the travel bowl so a travel water bottle is ideal. We Love the Stainless steel ones by H204K9. They come in two sizes, depending on how long you’ll be out of the house. The small is probably ideal for most people with a Yorkipoo, but the Large is good if you want to make sure you have plenty of fresh water to hand. The stainless steel is lightweight and will keep the water cool, whilst the lid doubles as an on-the-go bowl just in case you forget your travel bowl or are using it for food.


H2O4K9 water bottle for pet travel H2O4K9 small water bottle - pet travel bottle


Puppy Wipes - Puppy wipes are an essential for any puppy travel bag - you never know when pup might get into a mess! We love the Clean Sheets by Animology. They are completely pet safe and contain a rinse-free shampoo solution so that you can wipe your puppy clean and give their coat some conditioning love at the same time.


animo logy pet cleaning wipes


For Settling Puppy in at Home    

Once home it is important to settle your puppy into the dedicated space that you have planned out for them. You won’t want to give them the run of the house just yet; they need to settle into their new environment and routine first. Here are the things we’d suggest providing them.


Small 24” Crate - Your Yorkipoo will still only be a small toy dog once fully grown so a small 24” crate will be perfect from puppy through to adulthood. Our deluxe L&L crate is ideal - it has two doors for easy access no matter the location and a removable tray to make cleaning really simple. We’d suggest first setting it up with a small crate bed in one half  and a puppy pad in the other along with a crate bowl for water. This is the perfect puppy crate set-up and will help with the nighttime routine. Add a crate cover so that puppy learns to know that “doors down” means bedtime.

silver dog crate    black dog crate


Puppy Crate Bed - Our brand new Puppy Crate bed is designed to fit in exactly half of your puppy’s crate (buy the small 24” to fill half the 24” crate). It is a super squishy padded bed with sherpa fleece topper for comfort and one of our signature cotton prints on the outer. This is ideal to use in the puppy crate set-up and can be swapped out for a full size cushion as your puppy grows up. When you do take it out of the crate it will make a great spare bed to pop in another room around the house.


Puppy Crate Bed - designed to fit in half of your dog's crate   Puppy Half Crate Bed


Dog Crate cover - A crate cover will not only make the unsightly crate look more attractive, but will offer privacy and comfort to nervous pups as well as help get them into their nighttime routine quickly and efficiently. We have designed the Oilcloth Covers, such as the popular Grey Spot Oilcloth Dog Crate Cover, with puppies in mind. The doors can be rolled up and down at nighttime and the PVC coating means the cover can be easily wiped down as often as you need. It comes in other fabrics too so do explore the rest of the range. There's an oilcloth cover to match every puppy bed!    


cosmo dog oilcloth cover for dog crates       honey bedd oilcloth crate cover for dog crates    country park oilcloth crate cover for dog crates


Puppy Pads - A puppy pad is a must for house and potty training puppies. Pop one in one side of the crate at nighttime “just-in-case” and leave one in your puppies playpen during the day too. This isn’t to encourage puppy to toilet in the house, but is just a precaution if you don’t get them outside quickly enough. Make sure you are taking puppy outside to toilet at regular intervals throughout the day, but have a puppy pad to hand for emergencies.


No More Puddles Training Pads  Simple Solutions Training pads for dogs - puppy pads


Two Small Feeding Bowls - You’ll want a set of feeding bowls - at least two for food and water, maybe a third to pop down dry and wet food. There are a whole variety to choose from in our Dog Bowls section so do have a browse. How about treating your new pup to their own personalised dog bowl by Purple Glaze? They come in a variety of designs such as the adorable pastel coloured ones with bone shaped name plaque.


purple glaze personalised hand painted bowls for dogs and cats  purple glaze personalised pet bowls


Puppy Walking Set - Lead training might not be the first thing you attempt, but it won’t be long before you're getting your new pup used to their harness and lead. An XXS Hi & Light Harness is ideal for lead training along with a matching Front Range Lead. The harness will give good control whilst they’re still learning and won’t be uncomfortable if they pull a little too much at the start.


ruffwear hi & light puppy harness   Ruffwear front range lead


Full Crate Set with Bumper and Cover - When puppy is fully toilet trained and you no longer need to put puppy pads down as precaution, you can finally swap out your puppy bed for a full crate set. The same crate you used initially will be fine, but exchange the small bed for a full size small cushion and matching bumper to create the ultimate doggie den. You could swap the oilcloth cover for a more sumptuous cotton lined cover too, or why not explore our Balmoral Tweeds range? Whatever your taste there is a crate set to suit your home.


duck egg spot crate set by lords and labradors  balmoral ochre ash tweed dog crate set by Lords & Labradors









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