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Everything You Need to Get your Puppy Ready For Winter


Everything You Need to Get your Puppy Ready For Winter

Winter is nearly here, and while the cold in the UK is nothing compared to other countries, it is still important to make sure that you are your puppy are prepared for the chilly months that are coming. Of course, some dogs are more affected by the cold than others, and if you have breeds like Malamutes, then they are more likely to want to be outside all the time. For those with puppies that might get a little chilly, these tips will help you to be as prepared as possible.


Go Dog Walking When the Sun is Out


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If your dog is more prone to the cold, take them for a walk in the late morning or early afternoon, when the sun is at its highest and shining brightest. This time period tends to be warmer than the rest of the day, and you will find your dog is less cold. For little dogs and greyhounds, it might be a good idea to invest in a coat to prevent them from getting too cold, which could result in illness.


Make Sure They Have Cosy Bedding


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Comfortable and warm bedding is an absolute must for dogs who get a little chilly. Make sure they have a nice and dishy bed to stay warm in, as well as plenty of blankets so that they can make a little nest to curl up in. Keep the bedding away from doors and draughts as this can cause them to become colder. Put their bed in a place that is familiar and comfortable for them so that they can enjoy it. You can check out our website for a fantastic range of bedding and blankets.


Don’t Overfeed Them

Unless your dog lives outside, they won’t need extra calories in order to stay warm and alive. A common misconception is that they need to eat more in order to stay warm, but this is not true. In fact, cold temperatures often make dogs feel lazier and lead them to need less calories. Keep an eye on their activity levels and adjust their food accordingly so that you don’t end up with an overweight dog.


Cover the Radiators

Many pups who are feeling cold will seek out the warmth from radiators, and this can lead to burns. The same goes for fireplaces, which can pose an equally hazardous threat, if not more so. Make sure that your dog is protected from these dangers by way of a fire guard or other means of blocking them from leaning up against the heat source.


Look After Their Paws


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Just like humans, dogs can suffer from dried out skin and cracks in the cold weather – especially on their paws. Make sure that you check their paws every day after they have been walked to make sure that they are not cracked. If they are, then the best thing you can do is apply some moisturising cream on them to help soothe and heal the cracked pads.


Winter can be hard for puppies, especially when they are young. As long as you keep them warm and safe, they should be absolutely fine through the colder months. Make sure you follow these helpful tips to provide your pup with a comfortable and happy winter.

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