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Doggy Bathtime – How Often Should I Bathe My Dog?


Doggy Bathtime – How Often Should I Bathe My Dog?

We all know our canine companions can get into all kinds of mess! Whether it’s a wet and sandy run on the beach, or a muddy walk in the countryside, some dogs just attract dirt. Afterall, rolling around in the mud is fun right?! Even if your dog doesn’t particularly get dirty on his routine walks, you should have some kind of bathtime routine for him. Here we thought we’d take a look at a few doggy bathtime tips and suggest a few products that will make bathing your dog a breeze rather than a chore!

Doggy Bathtime – How Often Should I Bathe My Dog?

There are a few factors to take into account when deciding how often to bathe your dog. The condition and health of their skin and coatis paramount. Washing too frequently could strip the natural oils.  A monthly bath for most dogs is plenty; a little more often if your dog has an oily coat. Many short haired breeds may need bathing even less and those with water repellant coats such as golden retrievers should be bathed less to help preserve the natural oils. If you have a dog with a thick coat, you may find lee bathing and more brushing more beneficial which will help distribute the natural oils and remove loose, dead hair.

If you’re not sure of your dogs’ coat type, maybe have a word with your vet for some advice. Of course, if your dog loves a roll in the mud then you may need to give him more frequent baths. Generally, common sense will tell you if your dog needs a wash; if he smells slightly unsavoury, then it’s probably time to get the shampoo and grooming kit out!

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Where to Wash Your Dog

Bathing indoors in a sink, bathtub or  shower is the best place for most dogs. You could pop an old towel on the floor in the tub to make them feel secure. If your dog is truly filthy you could hose them down outside, but remember dogs don’t like being cold. This is best for the occasional shower in the summer months perhaps or if your dog is so dirty they can’t possibly go indoors!

How to Wash Your Dog

• First brush your dog to remove any knots or matted hair. Wetting knotted hair will be undomfortable for your dog and can cause irritation. If the mattes won’t brush out, you can try cutting them, or take your pup to a professional grromer.

• Use lukewarm water, a similar temperature to that thaqt you’d use for a human baby.

• Reassure your pet and talk to them in a calming voice.

• Use dog shampoo. Designed specifically for pets, it won’t dry their skin or caot lie human shampoos will.

• Rinse well. Rinse and rinse again! Any soap left on your dog can cause skin irritaion.

• Dry at a low temperature. It’s best to either air dry or use a dryer designed for dogs. Human blow dryers trend to be too hot for dogs so be careful if that’s what you intend to use. Use the lowest setting and don’t get too close to the body.

• Reward your dog. For many dogs, bathtime is a chore and not that fun. Give plenty of praise and when its all over offer them a treat.


Take your Pup to a Dog Groomer

If the thought of bathing your dog yourself is too much then a trip to the dog groomer might be the best option. They will have all the tools and training required to give your pup the pampering they deserve and will know how to handle more nervous pets. The other advantage is that groomers will clip nails and trim difficult areas such as the eyes.

A trip to the groomers is essential for long haired breeds such as Maltese and Poodles, who will need their hair trimming. Hair doesn’t stop growing and doesn’t shed like fur.

Shampoos for dogs

At Lords & Labradors we strock two brands of grooming products for dogs; Wildwash and Animology. Both brands are designed specifically for your pets needs with natural oils and 100% pet safe ingredients. There is a shampoo for every coat type and condition; from Wildwash Sensitive Shampoo for dogs with extra sensitive skin to Animology’s Puppy Love designed specifically for little pups. There is even a No Rinse option for dogs who don’t like getting wet and Animology Clean Sheets when a little freshen up is required than a full bath.

Wildwash sensitive dog shampoodogs body shampooWarren London lavender shampoo for dogs

Bathtime Accessories

We have a number of bathtime accessories too. Grooming tools from Ancol will prepare for your dog’s bath and how aboutna fragrance from wildwash to add the finishing touch when bathtime is over?

Our drying mitts and coats from Ruff & Tumnble are also super popular, making drying your dog so much easier than wrestling them with a towel!


salon slicker brushdogs furminator Ruff & Tumble Drying Coat

If you have any questions about our blog do get in touch. Equally, we’d love to hear your bathtime stories or any tips you might have that make bathing your pets easier.

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