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How To Assemble A Cat Radiator Bed


Cat sitting in the bamboo radiator cat bed

Cat Radiator beds are really popular with our feline companions as they offer a cosy and warm place to rest. They also appeal to their desire to sit high off the ground so that they can look down on their territory.

We often get asked about the ease of assembly of radiator beds and also whether they’re safe. In this article we thought we’d answer these questions and also discuss how to get your cat used to a new bed.


How To Put A Cat Radiator Bed Together?

This can depend on the specific product as each one will have a slightly different build. The main structure of a standard radiator bed is usually made of a few metal rods that fit together to make a frame with a fabric cover stretched over. It’s just a case of putting the metal rods in the correct places, stretching the cover over and then hooking over a convenient place on your radiator. Here we take a look at the main three cat radiator beds that we sell here at Lords & Labradors:

Rosewood Luxury 2-in-1 Radiator Bed - This design is just like the standard type of radiator bed that we mentioned. With this design you start by slotting the metal rods together to make a frame and then stretch the fabric cover over the frame. It simply hooks on to your radiator or can even be used as a free-standing bed on the floor when you need the radiator space.

Rosewood Luxury 2-in-1 Cat Radiator Bed

Jolly Moggy Bamboo Radiator Cat Bed - This has slightly more design appeal and is a stunning option for those looking for something a little more striking. This one has a plastic frame and a bed of bamboo slats that fold around the circular frame. It’s really easy to put together and will fit on most radiators.

Jolly Moggy Bamboo Cat Radiator Bed

Trixie Radiator Cuddly Cat Cave - This has the least assembly required of the three designs, it’s just a matter of adjusting the radiator fitting on the back of the cave. This is a stylish and contemporary design that will look fab in modern homes. The adjustable bracket means it can be altered to fit almost any radiator too! You will find a matching Cat Tower and Cat Pod in case you wish to offer a matching bed or two elsewhere in the home.

Trixie Cuddly Cat Cave Radiator Bed      Trixie Cuddly Cat Cave Radiator Cat Bed bracket hooked over a standard radiator

Whichever you choose, we’re sure your cat will soon make the bed their new favourite spot to lounge, nap and sleep.


How To Get Your Cat To Like The Radiator Bed?

As we all know, cats can be rather fussy and very independent. I’m sure every cat owner has bought their feline a new toy or bed only to find that it goes ignored for days. The best thing to do is to persevere and to encourage your cat without them noticing that they’re being coerced!

You could try feeding them a treat or two on the bed to begin with, so that they associate it with something positive. Try luring them in and then hold the treat over their head until they sit. Then give them the treat and plenty of praise. Toys will work in a similar way; you could play with their favourite cat wand around the bed or pop one of their catnip toys inside to entice them in.

You could also pop their favourite blanket, or an item of clothing that has your smell on it, on the bed. This familiar smell will hopefully attract them when they’re ready to rest. When they realise that the bed is warm and comfortable, they’ll soon make themselves at home!


Are Cat Radiator Beds Safe?

The simple answer is yes, radiator cat beds are perfectly safe. They will offer your cat a really cosy place to sleep and are a brilliant accessory for the Winter when your cat will enjoy the extra warmth.

There are one or two things to consider when setting up the bed though. One thing to ensure is that the bed is put in a place where it can’t easily be knocked off the radiator. The last thing you want is to walk into the bed when your cat is lying in it - they may fall out and it might put them off using it. Just make sure the bed is placed in a part of the room with low footfall where your cat can rest in peace and quiet.

Also, depending on the design of your specific radiator bed, you may want to check it every now and then to make sure the frame or structure is still sturdy. If anything seems loose or the cover is slipping slightly, just make adjustments to ensure it stays secure.

As long as you follow the instructions and guidance provided with your chosen radiator bed, and choose the placement wisely, your cat will be lounging and sleeping soundly in no time at all!

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