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How to stop dogs eating plants


How to stop dogs eating plants

Dogs love to explore and usually you’ll find them in and out of hedges and grass, but dogs and especially puppies also love to eat, bite, play, lick and chew on plants, especially those with leaves! It can be dangerous for your pet to digest some plants, so it’s best to keep an eye on them whilst they’re exploring and out and about on walks. It’s also good to avoid dangerous and toxic plants in your home, so your pup isn’t tempted to chew on your indoor plants. 

In this article we explore why dogs eat plants and how to avoid your pet chewing on plants that may be toxic to them. 


Do dogs eat plants when they are sick? 

It’s hard to know why dogs eat plants, as it may be one of a multiple of reasons, or for a multiple of reasons. For example, if your dog feels he is lacking in nutrients, he may look for another way to get these important nutrients - which is why they seek out a plant to eat. 

Another reason may be due to stomach pains; if your dog isn’t feeling so well, it’s natural for them to eat grass as a natural remedy to purge themselves as the grass is known to soothe their stomach pain. Don’t let them eat any plants you’re unsure are safe for them however as this can cause a bigger upset to them. 

Your dog may also eat plants due to anxiety or boredom - it may be a reason to grab your attention, or a way to deal with their emotions, so keep an eye on them and make sure they don’t have access to anything you don’t want them to chew whilst you are away from them. 


Why is my dog eating soil from my plant pots? 

Your dog may eat soil much for the same reasons they munch on plants and leaves. It’s worth checking if your dog is in pain through an internal or intestinal health problem. Keep them away from soil and dirt as all kind of things end up in the dirt, including lots of toxins that can harm your dog. It’s best to keep away from plants and soil all together, and keep a watchful eye on them when out on a walk. 


How to keep a dog from eating plants

To keep your dog away from your plants it’s best to train your dog as soon as possible. Establish household rules and ensure your dog knows that plants are not a toy or food - this way you can avoid more serious problems and unnecessary vet trips. If you’re not convinced your dog will avoid the plants 100% of the time, it's best to keep them off the ground, away from their reach. You may also try to spray the plants with lemon or vinegar as your dog will probably stay well clear, because the plant smells bad to them and a lot less appetising.

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