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How To travel with Your Dog


How To travel with Your Dog

Spring; milder weather, longer daylight hours, daffodils, day trips, Spring holidays, baby lambs… We love Spring and have definitely started making the most out of our favourite season; longer walks, weekends away, etc.  We’re often asked about how to travel with your dog; about the safest options and most practical accessories. We’ve talked a little bit about specific travel products for dogs (boot mats and drying coats), but today we’re going to look at a more general list of things to think about when out and about adventuring with your four-legged best friends.


Dog Walking – Collars, harnesses and leads     

The main decision to make regarding dog walking is collar or harness? This comes down to personal preference and the suitability for your dog. Collars come in a whole array of materials and sizes to suit pretty much all breeds and ages of dog. If you have a small breed dog or a puppy, perhaps a buttery soft rolled leather collar and lead will be preferable; a stylish set that will fit their small frames comfortably. If you have a larger dog, perhaps the Dogs & Horses Colours collection will be more suitable.

For more stability and comfort, a harness can be a good alternative to a collar. Particularly good for breeds such as French Bulldogs who have shorter necks, they offer extra comfort and a good level of control when out walking. Also great for the adventuring dog, offering the support needed for hiking and scrambling!  


Car Travel – Dog Crates and Harnesses

For many, a car crate that fits snugly in the boot is the safest, most practical way to travel with their dog. Travel crates come in various sizes to fit most cars and breed of dog and allow for safe travel with your dog whilst leaving the rest of your car free for passengers. Our Bracco crate isnt just a good option for the car, but is also suitable for air travel too; meeting IATA guidelines.

If you have a small car and a large breed dog or you’d rather have your dog with you in the main space of the car, then a car harness is the best option. A booster seat is an ideal choice for small breed dogs and puppies as it allows them to sit high up to see where they are going whilst keeping them secure with a harness attachment. Other harnesses for larger breed dogs fit almost like a seatbelt, allowing them to sit in the back seat safely.

Remember, it’s a legal requirement to secure your dog whilst driving.  


Other travel Accessories For Dogs

Other products worth thinking about, depending on the kind of trip you’re taking, are grooming products; maybe some clean sheets and a drying coat in case you get caught in the rain and your dog needs a quick dry down back at the car. Travel bowls are a must! We particularly like the Beco versions that squish flat and come in various sizes.  And perhaps a boot mat to keep your car protected from those muddy paws? 

Wherever you choose to go and whatever you plan to do on your trip, there is a whole array of products to make adventures with your canine family members easier. With one or two travel essentials, you can spend your time enjoying making memories rather than worrying about your dog’s safety. If you’d like any further information about the products mentioned, do contact us. We’re always pleased to help in any way we can.

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