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How To Wash A Dog Collar


How To Wash A Dog Collar

It’s easy to forget to wash your dogs collar, and there’s nothing worse than a freshly washed dog in a smelly dog collar. Cleaning their collar doesn’t have to be a chore and can be quick and easy to prolong the life of the collar and keep your dog smelling fresh!

It may be worth getting a second collar so you have a collar for your dog to wear whilst another is being washed. Cleaning your dog collar every now and then is worth your time to keep your dog happy and healthy. There’s no specific frequency you should change and wash your dogs collar, but when you check the sizing of the collar, it might be worth to check if the collar is still smelling fresh too.

Apricot Cockpoo in a Ruffwear Hoopie Collar
Pictured: RuffWear Hoopie Collar

How To Clean A Smelly Dog Collar

A lot of collars are hand wash only due to the soft and durable webbing used - and although it’s tempting, try not to just put your dog collar in the washing machine (or in the dishwasher as some advice might suggest!). Check the washing instructions on your dogs collar for wash instructions and if you’re able to wash the collar in the washing machine. If your collar is 'hand wash only’ use warm water and a mild dog shampoo to ensure the collar won’t irritate your dog once returned around their neck. Let the dog collar soak in the soapy water for 10-20 minutes and lightly brush the collar if there is a build up of dirt. Be careful not to damage the collar with a harsh/vigorous brushing. Don’t forget to pay attention to any buckles to remove any build up of dirt and grime. Once the collar is clean, rinse with clean water and leave to dry completely before returning this to your dogs neck. 


How Often Should You Wash A Dog Collar

There isn’t a set time scale on when you should wash your dogs collar, as this will depend on your dog and if they enjoy swimming, rolling in mud or if you remove their collar whist being at home! It’s good practice to check your dogs collar frequently to ensure the size of the collar fits them comfortably - so you may want to check at this point if the collar needs a wash. Set a reminder for yourself to wash the collar seasonally, if you don’t find the collar has built up with dirt in the meantime. It also may be useful to check the collar once your dog has been groomed. There is nothing worse than a freshly groomed dog with a dirty, smelly collar! 

Red Labrador wearing a brown and pink leather collar
Pictured: Dogs & Horses Colours Leather Collar Brown & Pink


How To Clean A Smelly Leather Dog Collar

Leather can be quite a sensitive material and should be prevented from soaking in water for a long period of time. To clean the collar, simply wet the collar with warm water and gently clean the collar with a mild dog shampoo. Rub the collar gently to remove any dirt or grime focusing on any buckles and stitching where dirt can gather. After washing, pat the collar dry and use a soft towel to soak up the excess of water. Then leave to dry naturally before returning to your dogs neck. Try not to leave the collar drying in the sun as sunlight can cause the leather to crack. As you cannot soak a leather collar in water for a long period of time, it is advisable to clean the collar regularly. Cleaning your leather collar often, means it won’t get too soiled and smelly. 


How To Wash A Dog Collar In The Washing Machine

Check the collars washing instructions before you pop the collar into the washing machine like you would their bedding - as some collars are hand wash only and machine washing them can cause irreparable damage. If you can wash your dogs collar in the washing machine, we’d recommend popping it into a washing bag (or a sock/pillow case) so that any metal work/buckles are protected and doesn’t make a banging sound whilst in the machine. Once you’ve washed the collar using the manufacturers recommendations, leave the collar to dry naturally before putting back on your dogs neck.

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