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Is It Time To Take Your Dog To Work?


Is It Time To Take Your Dog To Work?

January’s a pretty gloomy time and what better way to cheer up the work day than by taking your best friend to work with you? Bring Your Dog to Work Day may be officially in June but it doesn’t mean you can’t do it at any other time!

In fact, a lot of people routinely take their dog to work anyway, from self-employed gardeners and farmers to therapy assistants and trainers. But, taking your dog to work for a change can bring great benefits for everyone.

Dog sitting an office with his owner

Here’s 5 great reasons to take your dog to work:

1- Pets are known to reduce stress and there’s nothing more stressful than a day at the office! Spending time with your dog is a good way to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels and have a happier more relaxed day.

2- Taking your dog to work helps your dog too. Meeting new people and visiting new places will help your dog socialise and integrate better. If your colleagues also take their dogs it will also help with interaction between dogs.

3- Your dog will still need some exercise even when he’s at work so instead of sitting at your desk for lunch having your pet with you will mean you’ll have to get out and do some exercise with them! A definite win-win situation.

4- Having your dog with you will also help with your own socialisation. It’s much easier to talk to someonewhen you have a ready-made conversation starter with you!

5- If your pet is with you all day then you’ll also increase the bond that the two of you have leading to a happier home life and a greater relationship.

It may not be possible to take your dog to work with you every day but it’s definitely worth doing as often as you can.

If you are going to take your dog with you then please remember to get everything ready beforehand. Your dog will need somewhere to sleep, something to eat and drink, a dog toy to keep them busy and don’t forget about trips to the bathroom! Also, it’s probably worth bearing in mind your dog’s character. If he’s a bit too boisterous the workplace may not be the best place for him, while most people will love your dog not everyone may be a fan and it’s best to make sure your pet is well-behaved before you take him in.

Taking your dog to work has benefits for you both so remember have fun with it!

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