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Keep Your Dog Safe This Easter


Keep Your Dog Safe This Easter

Who doesn’t love to treat their pets. We spend as much time thinking about what to buy our dogs for special occasions as we do our human loved ones! We have already started thinking about Easter treats for our canine companions; do we go for a classic edible gift or something for them to use? It’s also important to note what NOT to give them. Here we highlight a number of dangers to be aware of this Easter:


Potential Hazards for pets at Easter


We all like a little chocolate at Easter don’t we? Well chocolate is not such a good idea for our dogs. The fat and sugaralone can cause stomach upsets in dogs and in more serious cases Pancreatitis. Theobromine and Caffeine found in chocolate are also toxic to dogs. Different types of chocolate will contain differing amounts of these substances and the toxic effect can vary depending on the amount eaten and the size of your dog. Be wary and make sure your dog doesn’t have chance to ingest any at all.


Fat Trimmings and Bones

Many of us celebrate Easter with a celebratory meal, with ham, duck or chicken often on the menu. Your dog may well find your leftovers tasty, but be wary of allowing him to eat your human food. A high level of fat can cause painful stomach upsets whilst bones can be dangerous with risks such as the breaking of teeth and choking.  


Easter Lilies

Lilies are particularly poisonous to cats and shouldn’t be brought into the living space of your feline friends. Whilst dogs are not effected quite so drastically, they can still fall ill with vomiting and diarrhoeaif they chew on them. Easter Lilies can be prone to the fungus, Botrytis which can cause illness in dogs if ingested. Some other types of Lily are toxic to dogs. Be wary of bringing Calla Lilies and Peace Lillies into your home and always make sure they are well out of reach of your cats and dogs.



A sugar substitute found in many human gummy sweets and candy. Xylitol is toxic to dogs and can cause a dangerous drop in blood sugar levels which in worst cases can result in death. Do not give your dogs human sweets and keep all candy out of their reach.


Easter should be a time of fun and celebration. Take note of these dangers, but don’t allow them to stop you having a good time. There are plenty of doggy suitable treats you can gift to your four-legged friends. In our last article we shared some of our favourite Doggy Easter gift ideas, so if you haven’t quite decided what to give your dog, then read the post for some lovely ideas.


If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us. We are aways happy to help.


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