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Our Favourite Accessories for Day Trips with your Dog


Dog with his owner and friend having a picnic


This week in England, the lockdown restrictions have been relaxed a little more and we can now enjoy a drink or meal in an outdoor space at restaurants and cafés. This gives us even more chance to get out and about and means we can now spend longer periods of time outdoors. This is great news for our dogs too as they will be able to come with us on ever longer walks. Picnics in the park, ice cream on the beach and lunch in the gardens of dog friendly pubs will all be possible. We can’t wait to get out about and enjoy some socialisation with friends we haven’t seen in a while, whilst spending some valuable time with our dogs as well.


With this in mind we thought we’d share with you some of the products we like to take out with us at this time of year. These are our favourite essentials for dog walks and outings that we couldn’t live without!


Cockapoo sitting on the grass


Travel Feeding Sets

One of the things that we’re most excited about at the moment is the thought of a coffee or lunch in an outdoor restaurant or café. With the weather becoming milder (despite the odd flurry of snow that we’ve had recently!), the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors with some refreshments is hard to turn down. And our dog’s shouldn’t miss out on the fun, which is why travel feeding accessories are high on our must-have list of products. Whether it’s a small set of travel bowls for a short trip to the beach, or a larger backpack of items with space to pack other things for a day trip, we have a host of brilliant accessories designed to make on-the-go meals a breeze.


For a quick lunch in town - We’d suggest a Beco Travel Bowl teamed with a small H2O flask. If you want to add in a snack for your pup then try the Dexas Popware Snack Duo. When you stop for a coffee break or a sandwich, you’ll be able to serve your four-legged friend a drink of water or small portion of food too.


Three dogs with their Beco travel pet bowls in three sizes and three coloursH2O4K9 Stainless Steel Pet Water BottleDexas Popware Snack Duo Pet Travel Cup


For a daytrip to the park or the beach - If you’re going somewhere for the afternoon or even the day, you may need some extra provisions for your pup. The Backpacks by Overland come with travel bowls for both food and water, and also have space to fit any other dog accessories you may need such as wipes, toys, a drying coat, poo bags and any other essentials.

Overland One Flap Week Away Backpack Pet travel bag     Overland Weekender Backpack pet travel bag


Outdoor Toys

At this time of year when the weather is pleasant, dog walks can easily be turned into playtime! There are loads of fun throwing toys that will make a day at the beach or park super fun. Here are some of our favourites:


Chuckit Sport 18M Ball Launcher - Sometimes the simplest games are also the most exciting and that definitely applies to games of fetch with a dog-safe tennis ball. Give the game a little extra distance with this throwing launcher by Chuckit. You’ll be able to send the ball flying way further than usual and your dog will get tons of exercise as they retrieve it. Ideal for games of fetch on a quiet dog-friendly beach.


KONG Tag-A-Long Ball - If you don’t have the space for throwing the ball long distances, a regular ball thrown by hand might be a better option. This one in particular is great for taking on walks as it can be attached to your dog’s lead leaving your hands and pockets free for other things.


Chuckit Rugged Flyer - The Chuckit rugged flyer offers a slightly different kind of throwing game with its frisbee-like motion that stays airborne for longer. What we love most is that it floats too, so it’s a good option for water games in the sea when you’re having a paddle. Ideal for any dogs who like to make a splash!

Chuckit Sport Ball Launcher KONG Tag-a-long dog ball   Chuckit Rugged Flyer dog frisbee toy


Dog Poo Bags

No dog owner should leave the house without poop bags and we have some practical solutions for storing them and taking them on your travels.


Beco Pocket Poo Bag Holder - This is a super popular item at Lords & Labradors, combining practicality with sustainability. It’s really easy to use and clips to your dog’s lead so you don’t have to worry about remembering it when you leave the house. It’s also made of eco-friendly biodegradable materials, so it’s good for the environment too. Don’t forget to stock up on spare poo bags to put inside when it’s empty!


A dog and his owner on a walk with a Beco pocket poo bag holder on a lead Beco pocket poo bag holder in creamBeco pocket poo bag holder in pink

Cocopup London Poop Bag Holder - Cocopup is brand new to our ranges at L&L and we cannot get enough of their delightful prints and practical accessories. Their poop bag holders have a handy clip so it can be attached to a lead and there’s even a zip pocket so you can pop your keys or a bit of change inside. Discover the other matching accessories here.

Cocopup London poo bag holder in cow print    Cocopup London poo bag holder in Camo print    Cocopup London poo bag in Mint Dalmatian print


Dog Training Treats

It’s important for us to treat our dogs for good behaviour even when we’re out on a walk. It could be a reward for good manners crossing the road or it might be for trying hard in a game at the park. Make sure you always have a treat or two to hand so you can show your dog your appreciation.


Billy + Margot Honey & Banana Training Biscuits - These are small kibble shaped treats that are ideal for training on your travels. The biscuits are small enough to easily be kept in a small pouch for dog walks and day trips.


Grain Free Noon Treats by Laughing Dog - These treats by laughing dog have added peppermint and ginger which help to aid digestion and settle stomachs. These might be good as an afternoon snack after a picnic in the park!


Kurgo Kibble Carrier - Don’t forget to keep the treats fresh when you’re on-the-go. This handy pouch by Kurgo will keep your dog’s treats fresh and easy to transport.

Billy + Margot dog training treatsLaughing og Grain Free Noon dog treatsKurgo Kibble Carrier

Collars, Leads and Harnesses

Of course you can’t leave the house without a walking set. A harness that fits well is our walking accessory of choice as it gives more comfort and support than using just a collar. Here are some of our favourite sets for the Summer:


Ruffwear Flat Out Collar, Lead and Flagline Harness - We love these new arrivals from Ruffwear which offer a Summery spin on the classic Ruffwear items. The collar and leads come in a choice of fun colours and patterns whilst the harness is brilliant for a variety of outings. It’s a go-anywhere harness that offers freedom of movement when your dog needs it most.

Ruffwear Flat Out Dog Collar in New RiverRuffwear Flat Out Dog Lead in New RiverRuffwear Flagline Harness in Meltwater Teal

If the weather looks like it might take a turn for the worst you may want to consider a dog coat as well. Take a look at our recent article, The Best Dog Coats for Spring to see which styles we recommend for this time of year.


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