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Everything You Need For Your New Sphynx Kitten


Sphynx sitting on a windowsill, looking out of a window


Whether you’re a first-time cat owner or you’ve been an owner before, awaiting the arrival of a new pet is super exciting! You may also feel a little nervous in anticipation, as it’s important to have everything ready. We all want it to go smoothly when we bring a new pet into our home and that means having their space ready and having all the essentials on your shopping list ticked off.


Whilst every cat has similar needs, some breeds are slightly different and may need some specific items that other cats don’t. In this article we’re going to concentrate on the Sphynx cat. The Sphinx is a beautiful hairless cat breed with really distinct features such as their fur-free body. Read on to find out more about the breed and find out what you’ll need if you’re going to make a Sphynx your next pet.


Sphynx cat smelling an indoor plant


About the Sphynx Cat Breed

The Sphynx is arguably one of the most distinctive cat breeds, renowned for its hairless appearance and prominent wedge-shaped head. Also known as the Canadian Sphynx, they were first bred in Canada where selective breeding was used to develop and hone their unique appearance.


Whilst the Sphynx does not have the same grooming needs of a long-haired breed, it is not in any way maintenance-free. In fact, they tend to have very oily skin - where other breeds hair would soak up any extra oils produced, in this case the oils can build up on the skin. Regular bathing is a must!


Sphynx cats are known for their high levels of energy, intelligence and affection for their owners. If you make a Sphynx your next pet you’ll certainly know about it as they can be vocal and extremely loving. They will probably follow you around the house or greet you at the door; and if you leave them alone in a room, expect them to call out for you until you return! Their sociable nature means they crave company, and they don’t adapt well to a solitary lifestyle. If you have a busy social calendar or work long hours, it’s best to get two together (the other cat could be a different breed), so that they have company when you can’t be around.


Sphynx cat


If you’re looking for a feline who displays their affection for you then this could be the breed for you. They will offer you the companionship that many other more aloof breeds won't.  But “what do I need for a Sphynx cat?” you may ask! Here’s our Sphynx kitten shopping list:    


The Sphynx Cat Shopping List

Cat Bed - Every cat needs a cosy bed, and the L&L velvet cushion is just the luxury style that your Sphynx kitty will love. A super sumptuous velvet fabric in a subtle shade of mink, the bed is soft and squishy and just made for catnapping! The bed has a reversible inner pad too with a cosy Sherpa on the reverse which will offer extra warmth when your cat needs it most. Sphynx can feel the cold just like humans - if you’re cold, they’re probably cold. Giving them a bed made of warming fabrics like this will allow them to regulate their body temperature.


L&L Velvet Cat Donut Bed


Cat Blanket - A blanket will add an extra layer of warmth when your cat needs it most. It’s ideal for the winter, but also as an addition to your cat’s carrier when you take them to the vet. Our luxury blankets come in a range of stunning velvets with Sherpa linings. They look stunning and they’re practical too!

Velvet & Sherpa Cat Blanket by Lords & Labradors

Cat Carrier - A must for every cat owner is a comfortable pet carrier. You’ll need it from the day you collect your new kitty to help transport them home safely, so it’s important to have one ready in advance. There are a number of brilliant and practical cat carriers available including the contemporary Cabrio carrier by Catit and the more traditional Rattan Carry Basket by House of Paws. We particularly love the Catit carrier as it has a multitude of features including inbuilt bowls for on-the-go feeding on long journeys and its ability to fasten safely into the car with a seatbelt. Whichever you choose, don’t forget to add your kitten’s blanket inside to make it cosy!


Catit Cabrio Carrier in Blue Grey         House of Paws Rattan Cat Carry Basket


Premium Quality Cat Food - The diet you feed your Sphynx will have a huge effect on the condition of their skin. The hairless breed is prone to greasy skin so keeping on top of this is a priority. The better quality the food, the less likely they are to produce excess oils. We like the Lily’s Kitchen range of cat foods as they have a high meat content and are grain- free. They also make a range of delicious wet foods too. Our suggestion would be to speak to your breeder and your vet about what foods they think are best so you can make an informed choice.

Lily's Kitchen Kitten Food  Lily's Kitchen Sooth Pate for Kittens

Cat Bowls - A low whisker-friendly bowl such as the ones by Catit or the saucers by Tarhong will allow your cat to feed in comfort. The latter come in a range of stunning colours and are ideal for portions of wet food. How adorable are the cactus design and the fish-shaped saucer?! 

Catit double feeding dish in black    Tarhong Cactus Cat Saucer    Tarhong fish-shaped cat saucer

Cat Water Fountain - Keeping your Sphynx cat hydrated will help to keep their skin in good condition. Dehydration can cause all sorts of skin irritations so doing everything you can to prohibit that is a must. A Catit Water Fountain will encourage your cat to drink more. Cats can be reluctant to drink from stagnant water, so providing them with flowing water like this is a great way to get them to drink. The water is filtered too so will be free of any nasties. There's a mini version for kittens and small cats and a larger version that you can upgrade to for adult cats.

Catit Mini Flower Water Fountain for cats   Catit Flower Water Fountain for Cats

Cat Shampoo - You may think that a hairless breed won't need as much grooming as a long haired one, but that isn’t actually the case. The oily nature of the Sphynx’s skin means that regular shampooing is necessary to get rid of accumulated dirt and grime. Use a good quality, all-natural shampoo that is free from soap and always make sure to dry them thoroughly straight away to stop them getting cold.


Tropiclean Deodorising Pet Shampoo Tropiclean 2-in-1 luxury pet shampoo


Drying Mitts - As we said, it’s really important to dry your cat thoroughly after their baths. Our drying mitts are usually aimed at dogs but they're just as great for your Sphynx cat. Made of a super absorbent towelling they will allow you to easily pat your cat dry without too much fuss. Much easier than trying to use a regular towel. We have brilliant options by Ruff & Tumble and Scruffs.


Ruff & Tumble pet Drying mitts      Scruffs Noodle Drying Towel for pets with mitts


Ear Cleaner - As Sphynx don’t have any fur around the ears, wax can build up more quickly than in other breeds. An ear cleaner made especially for pets is a great way to keep your pet's ears healthy.

Beaphar Ear Cleaner for Cats and Dogs Wahl Easy Ear Cleaner for Pets

Skin Balm - Whilst your Sphynx may have oily skin, they can still get dry patches on their elbows and knees as well as behind their ears. Use a good quality skin balm such as the one by Dene’s, or otodex by PetLife, which will help nourish any dry patches.

Dene's Skin Balm for cats and dogs PetLife Otodex Skin Cream fro pets

Oral Care Products - Sphynx cats are prone to bad teeth. It’s really important that they have regular dental check-ups with the vet and that you try your best to look after them well. The Oral Care products for cats by Tropiclean will help to keep your cat’s teeth clean and healthy.

Tropiclean Oral Care Gel for cats

Large Cat Scratch Tree - Your Sphynx cat will probably live solely indoors which means you will need to provide them with an environment in which they can sate all of their needs, including their desire to scratch! A tall scratch tree complete with scratch posts and platforms will give them somewhere to climb and exercise too, so we’d suggest choosing something tall with multiple posts. This will give them room to climb and scratch until their heart’s content and will hopefully divert them away from your soft furnishings and furniture! One of the risks of keeping a cat indoors is that they’ll get bored, so providing them with cat furniture such a tall cat tree will help keep them stimulated and in good health.


Catit Vesper XL Deluxe Scratch Tree    Ancol Cat Scratch Tree


Cat Litter Tray - Every cat needs a place to toilet so a cat litter tray is a must, and this hooded litter tray by Catit will give them a private place to do it. Sphynx poop can be extra stinky so having a covered tray will help to contain the smell until you have chance to clean it. If you'd like something that blends in with your furniture then look no further than our very own Cat Washroom. We designed the washroom to blend in with your furnishings complete with a handy shelf to store necessities. Simply pop your standard litter tray inside (it fits most compact litter trays) and your cat will have somewhere private to do their business!

Catit Hooded Cat Litter Tray    Lords & Labradors Cat Washroom


Cat Litter - We’d suggest the Words Best Cat Litter which is dust-free and has brilliant odour control. The clumping litter is really easy to clean out too, making it really practical. You can get by with just cleaning out the dirty parts rather than the whole tray and then topping up as needed. Don't forget a scoop to help you clean it out.


World's Best Cat LitterBeco Cat Litter Scoop


Don’t forget Cat Toys! - Every cat loves to play as it’s a time when they can enjoy their favourite things such as ‘hunting’ and ‘chasing’. Sphynx cats are highly intelligent and may get bored easily, so it’s important to provide a range of playthings to rotate to help keep things exciting for them. A series of interactive cat toys that can really stimulate your feline would be ideal. Something from the Catit Senses range would be perfect such as the Play Circuit and Food Tree - you can interconnect different toys from the Senses range to create an indoor cat playground that is sure to keep your loveable feline entertained for hours. 

Catit wave CircuitCatit Senses 2.0 Oval ScratcherCatit Senses 2.0 Food Tree


   Catit Senses 2.0 Toys

We hope our shopping list will be of help in selecting the things you'll need if you're getting a Sphynx kitten. We 'd always advise speaking to your breeder, and your vet too, as they will be able to help you make informed decisions relating to your circumstances and your particular kitten. 


If you need any help or more information relating to any of the products mentioned, please do get in touch and we'll do our best to help!

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