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Our Favourite Winter Accessories for Pets


Our Favourite Winter Accessories for Pets

Winter can be a dark, dull month so why not brighten it up with some new accessories?! It's important to keep our dogs warm in the cold weather, especially if you have a toy dog or short/fine haired breed. If you’re looking for a new dog walking set or snuggly dog coat for your pup, look no further! We’ve picked out some of our favourite items that are just perfect for the cold weather…

Ruffwear Dog Coats & Accessories

If you’re looking for the most practical outdoor dog accessories then Ruffwear is the go-to brand. Ruffwear design dog products to be used in all kinds of conditions, from the hottest to the coldest. We love their range of winter dog coats, especially as they have a plethora of walking accessories, including collars, leads and harnesses, to match!


ruffwear vert dog coat - dog wearing it in the snowy mountains  ruffwear quinzee dog coat  Ruffwear Summit Trex Boots for dogs - protective boots for dogs to protect for snow, ice, rock salt and other extreme conditions.


Mutts & Hounds Dog Coats & Accessories

We love the stylish tweed dog coats by Mutts & Hounds. Fashion and function collide to make coats and accessories that work for everyday. We are particularly in love with the wax jackets - now our pup will coordinate with us in our Barbour jackets; and the dog bow ties are adorable for indoor and outdoor wear! 



Mutts And hounds wax dog coat  Mutts & Hounds tweed dog coat   Mutt & Hounds dog harness 


House of Paws Dog Jumpers

If you have a toy or fine haired breed, keeping them warm in Winter is really important. The cable knit jumpers from House of Paws ar ideal for the Winter. They come in a range of sizes and colours to suit a variety of breeds.


house of paws hooded dog jumpers  House of Paws cable knit dog jumper


Feline Favourites from the Cat Emporium

We don't need to clothe our cats like our canine companions, but there are some items that you might like to invest in to make your cat more comfortable and keep them active indoors during the coldest months. We have some gorgeous plush beds that will offer your cats the cosiest nights sleep as well as some toys that will keep them occupied when the adverse weather stops them getting outside.


Cosmopolitan Cat Beds

A recent addition to our range of cat beds and the sister design to our popular Cosmopolitan Dog fabric, Cosmopolitan Cat is a silhouette print featuring various breed including a Ragdoll cat, British Shorthair and black cat. Available in a super squishy donut bed with cosy sherpa fleece top or the snuggle bed; the same donut shape with an added blanket layer of sherpa so your furry companion can snuggle under the covers!   

lords & labradors "cosmopolitan cat" cushion - cosy sherpa topped cushion bed for cats.  Cosmopolitan cat snuggle bed

Luxury Velvet Cat Beds and Matching Blankets

Our luxury velvet beds for cats are perfect for the colder months. The super soft, plush velvet is perfect for snuggling down into when the temperature drops. Available in three beautiful colours that will look gorgeous in any room!


velvet cat cushion bed  valvet and sherpa fleece cat blanket -  kitten with a velvet and sherpa fleece blanket


Cat Toys

A bored cat can become anxious and unsettled, so combat that with plenty of toys! If you have an outdoor cat, you may find they don't want to go out as much or you may want to keep them indoors in adverse weather during the Winter. Providing them with plenty of stimulation at times like this is most important. Here are a few toys we really like that will help keep them active when they can't get outside. 


KONG catnip softie patchwork bear - catnip toy for catsKONG Refillable Catnip Carrot Cat ToyKONG window teaser took for cats - cat teaser toy

Catnip toys such as the KONG Patchwork Teddy Jollly Moggy Catnip Mice are ideal for cats; the catnip will entice and keep them coming back for more, and they can bat the toy around and chase to their heart's content! These are great for you to join in the fun. You can throw them around and watch your cat play


The KONG window teaser has all the same benefits of the previous two, but as sticks on the wall, your cat can go back and forth and play on its own. How adorable is the feathered bird. Your cat will never get bored of stalling out his feathered prey!


Below is a collection of our Catit Senses 2.0 toys. These really are the ultimate in feline entertainment. The items are all designed to work alone or together as in the picture to create a mini playground for your cat. Each piece is designed to appeal to one of your cat's very unique senses - when put together your cat will find a myriad of things to do to sate all of their desires: scratch, massage, stretch, play, hunt, eat... they will find all of that and more in a world of Catit Senses!



Catit Senses 2.0 Activity toys for cats - your cat will have hours of fun with these interchangeable cat toys and accessories.

These are just a few of our favourite winter things for cats and dogs. Explore our collections online and you'll find all sorts of goodies that your pets will love. 

If you have any questions about anything in this article, do get in touch; we're always happy to help with any queries.

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