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Pet Insurance - Is It Worth It?


Pet Insurance - Is It Worth It?

Your pet is a part of your family, and so when they get sick or are involved in an accident, you will do everything in your power to help them make a full recovery. Similarly, if they go missing or are stolen, you are going to put all your effort into finding them and advertising the fact that they are lost. Pet insurance can help you with all of this and more, and the short answer to the question of ‘is it worth it?’ is yes. Here’s some more information about pet insurance and why it is definitely worth buying for your pet.


What Does It Do?

Pet insurance covers a range of things that could happen with your pet. Commonly, illness, accidents, and death are covered by most insurance policies. Many will also cover things like your pet going missing and being stolen, even going so far as to fund the production of posters and even the reward money for their safe return. It’s a cushion for you to land on when you are met with unexpected veterinary bills.


Types of Pet Insurance

There are three main types of pet insurance available. When you go to select yours, make sure you choose carefully, and remember that 70% of insurance claims are through illness and not accidents.


The Lifetime pet insurance is the most comprehensive that is available. You pay the premiums each year, and the insurer covers your pet regardless of age or any illnesses that they may develop over the course of their life. In fact, many will cover existing conditions as well, although it will often cost more to do this. This is the most commonly purchased form of insurance, and highly recommended.


Annual insurance lasts for a year and allows you the freedom to go and search for cheaper policies elsewhere. However, this is also less comprehensive and highly unlikely to cover existing conditions. In addition to this, it will be harder to insure your pet as they get older due to increased risks of illness and death.


Accident Only insurance will cover your pet for any accidents that they are involved in, such as being hit by a car, but no illnesses or other areas. It also does not cover you if your pet attacks a person or animal. It’s a huge risk to take if you decide to purchase this insurance, and if anything happens to your pet through illness you will be met by a large vet bill.


Choosing Insurance

Pet Plan is one of the best insurers on the market and offer excellent packages at affordable prices. They are recommended by vets and professionals, and are in partnership with many practices and breeders, offering four weeks of free insurance when you first get your pet. They also have a 10% discount for applying online and 10% off for each additional pet. Traditional insurers such as More Than and banks such as Tesco and Sainsbury's also offer insurance. You could also purchase insurance via a charity like the Dogs Trust or the RSPCA and help them at the same time.


If you’re looking for the best deal then there is the option to check out price comparison websites for the best insurance deals across providers at websites like Money Supermarket or Compare The Market.


To Conclude

Pet insurance is definitely worth it. After all, if you end up with a vet bill for £2000, could you afford it? For many, the answer is no. So to save yourself stress and worry, it is well worth purchasing an insurance plan for your pets. That way, you know you are covered if anything goes wrong and you don’t need to worry about big bills – only about the recovery of your pet. If your pet is not insured already, you should strongly consider doing it now.

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