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The Best Celebration Dog Treats


King Charles Spaniel wearing a birthday party hat

At Lords & Labradors we have products for every area of a pet’s life and that includes the special occasions that you want to celebrate. Whether it’s your pup’s first birthday (or their tenth!); a public holiday such as Easter or Christmas; or any other special day, we have lots of things to help throw a party and make it memorable. Our range of celebration accessories for dogs includes some extra special dog treats that will allow you to create a super tasty, dog-friendly feast. From iced muffins and popcorn to more elaborate personalised cakes, we have a brilliant selection that will soon have your pup drooling!


Golden retriever wearing a party hat in front of a birthday cake


Here we take a look at our favourite Celebration Dog Treats:


Our favourite celebration & birthday treats for dogs

The Barking Bakery Cheesy Pupcorn - Are you planning a date night on the sofa with your pup? Then this popcorn for dogs by The Barking Bakery is the ideal snack. It would even make a great addition to the centre of a table of doggie treats for a birthday party or other celebration. The bag is a great size for one or two dogs to share. Catering for a group of dogs? You might wish to try the bucket of Pupcorn here. It’s so good they’ll all want some!

The Barking Bakery Cheesy Pupcorn in a bag Barking Bakery Cheesy Pupcorn in a tub

Laughing Dog Personalised Dog Bone - We all know how much dogs love a biscuit. If you’re looking for something a little more special than the usual dog biscuit treats available, then try one of these iced bones from Laughing Dog. A generously sized, bone-shaped biscuit that can be decorated with your dog's name. Theres even a Birthday version here so you can celebrate your pup’s birthday in style!

The Laughing Dog Personalised Dog Bone Biscuit Treat      The Laughing Dog Happy Birthday Bone Biscuit Dog Treat

Woof & Brew Pawsecco Freeze Pops - These are a great treat for a warm Summers day. If your pup has a Summer birthday, then pop some of these in the freezer ready. The box contains 6 luxurious ready-to-freeze push-pops made with Elderflower, Linden Blossom and Ginseng. They’re even suitable for cats if your feline fancies a taste!

Woof & Brew Freeze Pops for dogs

The Barking Bakery Iced Woofin - These doggy muffins are simply adorable. Individually packaged ‘woofins’ in tasty flavours, that will give your dog a tasty treat on any special occasion. They feature crunchy bone biscuits on top for added flavour and come in packaging to keep them fresh until you want to serve them.

Barking Bakery Iced Woofin for dogs  Barking Bakery Iced Woofin dog treat  Barking Bakery Iced Woofin with vanilla for dogs

The Barking Bakery Iced Woofins Trio - Hosting a puppy party and need multiple cakes to serve a number of dogs? How about a triple pack of Woofins? All the same flavoursome goodness of the individual Woofins, but with more to go around! They taste so good that your dog won’t want to share!

The Barking Bakery Trio of Iced Woofins Dog Treats

Molly’s Patisserie Blueberry & Coconut Hearts - On first inspection these may just look like any other dog biscuits, but they’re actually hand-baked to order and come in a range of tasty flavours and cute shapes. They’re prefect for anyone wanting to treat their pup to something more special than a regular dog biscuit. Other flavours available include Peanut Butter & Oats and Bacon Bones. Just remember to order these in advance as they’ll take a few days to bake and despatch for you. You can even choose the packaging; either "With Love" of "For You". Simply adorable!

Molly's Patisserie Peanut Butter Bones hand baked dog treats Molly's Patisserie Cocnut Hearts Hand Baked dog treats

Woof & Brew Posh Pooch White ‘Wine’ - What party or celebratory tea would be complete without a glass of wine? Well Woof & Brew have you covered with this delightful pet friendly wine. Now your dogs don’t need to miss out on the toast and can have a glass of their very own. It also comes in a rosé option and there’s also a beer if wine isn’t their thing!

Woof & Brew Posh Pooch White 'Wine' for dogsWoof & Bre Posh Pooch Rosé 'wine' for dogsWoof & Brew Bottom Sniffer 'Beer' for dogs

The Barking Bakery Pawty Carob Cake - Are you looking for a dog-friendly cake? We have just the thing, brought to you by The Barking Bakery. These cakes for dogs are 6” in diameter making them ideal for a doggy party where multiple canines are invited. The cakes come in two colours and feature yummy yoghurt toppings with crunchy biscuits for decoration. Also available in a delicious Vanilla flavour.

Barking Bakery Pawty Cake for dogs  The Barking Bakery Pawty Cake in Vanilla for dogs

BonBon Pooch ‘Chocolate’ Carob Slab -  Are you hosting some of your dog’s canine friends? If so and you want to give them a special tea, then this Choccie slab from BonBon Pooch will be a cute addition to the table. It’s made from doggie-friendly carob (because of course they can’t eat human chocolate) and is decorated with delicious tropically themed sweets. Your pup and their canine guests will soon devour this!  What’s more the slab has a shelf life of 12 months, so you can buy it in preparation for a party later in the year.


BonBon Pooch Tropical Choccie Slab for dogs

Molly’s Patisserie Peanut Butter & Banana Cake - Are you looking for a special doggy cake made from fresh ingredients? These single tier cakes by Molly’s Patisserie are simply stunning. They are baked fresh to order and sent directly from the baker’s kitchen - what could be more special than that?! This one features cute heart shaped edible decorations or there’s another version here that can be personalised with your pup’s name. Just remember that we need at least two weeks’ notice to prepare this so be sure to order well in advance to avoid disappointment - the bakery gets very busy!


Molly's Patisserie Peanut & Banana Cake for dogs     Molly's Patisserie Raspberry & Caramel Carob Cake for dogs


Molly’s Patisserie Dream Cake - Are you looking for something even more grand? Perhaps you have a whole group of hungry canines to feed at the party? This cake is made in the same bakery as the previous one but features a two-tier design, making it suitable for even more dogs. It is made from fresh pet-friendly ingredients with delectable carob icing and a dash of honey. Just like the smaller cakes, please allow a full two weeks for delivery as these are baked to order. This really is the ultimate dog birthday cake!


Molly's Patisserie Dream Cake for dogs


We hope you like our list of the best celebratory dog treats. We're sure, with a few of these treats, that your next dog birthday party or afternoon tea will be the most delightful ever. You'll be giving the Mad Hatter a run for his money!


Whichever treats you pick, we'd love to see some pictures of your dog/s enjoying their special goodies. If you need any help in making your decision or any extra information about the products mentioned, please do get in touch. We'll always do our very best to help.


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