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The Cat Emporium at Lords & Labradors


The Cat Emporium at Lords & Labradors Lords & Labradors we don’t just cater for your canine companions, but your feline friends too! Cats and dogs both make wonderful pets, but their lifestyles are very different and so too is their list of everyday essentials. We have worked hard to source a selection of stylish cat products that will enhance every part of their daily life; ideal for both indoor and outdoor cats. So, whether you have your very own Jolly Moggy or a Perfect Pedigree we think your feline family members will love what we have selected.

Ragdoll cats on a vesper scratch tree

Here we bring you some of our top picks from The Cat Emporium at Lords & Labradors:

The Lords & Labradors Cat Washroom

The Cat Washroom has become one of the most popular L&L items since it was introduced earlier in the year. An ideal way to keep your cat litter tray contained, it looks stylish and is so practical too. A piece of furniture in its own right, you can dress up the top with a lamp or vase of flowers, so it blends into your décor and it also has a handy shelf to keep any cat products stored neatly. A truly versatile piece of pet furniture, it could even be used as a bed for cats or small breed dogs.

We have a number of practical accessories to use with the cat washroom too, including cat litter scoopslitter trays and litter hygeine products from brands such as Catit and Beco.



cat washroom catit magic blue hooded litter tray  

Cat Scratch Posts, Trees and Furniture

An essential for any cat’s home is somewhere for them to scratch. Scratching is a natural instinct that all cats possess. It keeps their claws healthy and allows them to stretch out their muscles at the same time. Of course, you don’t want your cat to scratch your furniture which is why we have sourced an extensive range of cat furniture. These pieces will not only keep your cats need to scratch sated but will also look lovely in any room.

Our top picks are the Cat Trees from the Vesper range by Catit. Super stylish and in neutral colours that will complement any décor, they come in a range of sizes to suit all cats from the smallest kitten through to the largest adult Maine Coon. The trees are beautifully designed: posts covered in natural Seagrass, sisal scratch pads, structures made from a quality MDF covered in Walnut laminate and featuring super soft memory foam cushions. Vesper cat furniture can be easily cleaned and the parts are all replaceable, so you don’t have to worry about that scratch post getting plenty of use!



catit vesper minou scratcher Trixie Ava XXL Cat Tower Vesper V-Base Cat Scratch Tree Furniture

Trixie Adiva Tall Scratch Tree Trixie Humberto XXL Scratch Tree

Cat Toys, Toys, Toys

We all know cats love toys. Cat toys not only appeal to their natural hunting ability but also provide valuable bonding time when interacting with their human parents at the same time. We have a lovely selection from small mice toys they will love to chase, cat wands they will stalk and jump after and some larger pieces from Catit. The Jolly Moggy range from Rosewood make ideal everyday toys. Some contain catnip to make the toys extra enticing to them, all will offer hours of fun.

We also recommend the Catit Senses Collection. A range of toys that are designed to be used alone or in conjunction with each other to create a versatile cat playground. The Senses range has been rigorously researched and designed to appeal to every cat sense including their desire to scratch, hunt, massage and stretch.

catit senses 2.0

Cosy Cat Beds

Cats spend a lot of time sleeping. In fact cats are known to spend anywhere between 16 and 20 hours asleep. That’s why finding the perfect cosy bed for your feline is so important. We have some super snuggly hooded cat beds and you may even find they like to sleep in the hideout areas on their cat trees.

luxury velvet cat cushion bed Catit Vesper Condo Tower Cat Bed Luxury Cat Chesterfield Sofa

Cat Grooming

Cats are excellent at keeping themselves clean, and it’s a common sight to see cats giving themselves a wash. That isn’t to say they don’t need a little human help in this area though. All cats can suffer from hairballs, especially long-haired breeds. To help keep hairballs and malting at bay, regular grooming with specially designed cat brushes and combs is a must. It will help keep their coat shiny and in tip-top condition. We have some great combs from Ancol that are widely popular. If you’re looking for the ultimate grooming set though, perhaps consider the Catit Grooming Kits. Available in two versions – one for long-haired and one for short haired breeds, the kits contain all you need for daily brushing.

Grooming isn’t just great for your cat’s coat, but like playtime is also ideal bonding time for you both. Starting your cat’s routine young will help them grow used to it, and eventually they will love the time spent with you.

catit longhair grooming kit catit shorthair grooming kit

 ​​​​​​We think you will be delighted with the selection of cat products we have here at Lords & Labradors. Style and functionlity combine in all our feline favourites. If you have any questions about what may suit your feline family members in particular, do give us a call. Similarly if you’re expecting a kitten and want to make sure you get everything you need, we’re happy to give advice.

Don’t forget to send us your pictures. If your cat loves their Vesper scratch tree or they have a favourite Jolly Moggy toy, we’d love to know. We might just feature them on our socail media!

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