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Top 10 Things To Take Camping With Your Dog


Dog sits in front of a campfire


Travelling with your dog requires a bit of thought and planning, especially if you're going away on holiday. In our last article we talked about camping with your dog and gave you some help and advice about how to plan a camping trip with your pets. This time we thought we'd create a list of our favourite travel items for dogs to take on a camping trip. Practical travel accessories to keep them comfortable and relaxed on their holidays. With many of us planning UK breaks as lockdown eases a camping trip might just be the fun you need this Summer.


A dog owner sits with they're dog in a tent


Here's our list of top things to take camping with your dog: 


  1. HiK9 Dog Bed - HiK9 make really practical dog beds that are ideal for travel. The basic bed frames are elevated from the ground and easily pack flat for storing in the car on the journey. They come in two fabric choices - the mesh is great for the warmer Summer months as it’s breathable; the canvas is thicker and great if it’s going to be on the colder side. We also love the various accessories that are available for the beds too, such as the sunshade topper and extra blankets.

HiK9 Canvas dog bed    HiK9 Mesh dog bed in olive green

Left: HiK9 Canvas dog bed in red; Right: HiK9 Mesh dog bed in Olive


  1. HiK9 Dog Bed Topper - A topper for your HiK9 bed is a must. There are a number of cosy blanket options available to make the bed really warm and inviting. Camping can be chilly even in the Summer months, so providing your pup with layers of bedding will help to keep them warm when they need it most.

HiK9 Cosy Reversible topper for HiK9 dog beds     HiK9 Cosy Sleeve in Charcoal Star

Left: HiK9 Cosy Topper in Black; Right: HiK9 Cosy Sleeve in Charcoal Star (bed sold separately)


  1. Mobile Dog Gear Travel Bag - Your dog is going to need a number of things for their travels and these dedicated pet travel bags have loads of room for toys, pet wipes and a drying towel amongst other daily essentials. One of the best things about them is that they come with a dining set which includes lined pouches for storing dry food and treats, pop-up silicone bowls and a feeding placemat. Super practical accessories for dining on the go.

Mobile Dog Gear Weekender Backpack   Mobile Dog Gear Ultimate Week Away Duffle

Left: Mobile Dog Gear Weekender Backpack; Right: Mobile Dog Gear Ultimate Week Away Duffle


  1. First Aid Kit - Accidents may be rare, but they can happen. A first aid kit for pets is a great addition to your travel bag for camping trips. This one by Rosewood contains a number of practical things including wipes, gauze, bandages, latex gloves and a number of other essentials.

Rosewood First Aid Kit

  1. All-in-1 Calming Kit - Calming products come in handy in all kinds of situations and are ideal for any kind of travel when your dog is in an unusual place; or for pup’s who aren’t keen on travelling. We suggest spraying your dog’s bedding a few days before you go and then use throughout the holiday to help keep your dog stress-free. The wipes are really handy to pop in your bag for the bag too.

All-in-One Calming Kit by Pet Remedy

  1. Ruffwear Harness and walking accessories - Ruffwear is a brilliant brand for anyone who needs durable outdoorsy walking sets for their dog. There are a number of harnesses to choose from such as the classic Front Range which is a good all-rounder; the Switchback which has handy pockets on the back for storing extra accessories; and the Flagline. The latter is particularly good for adventuring dogs as it offers freedom of movement with a high level of adjustability. Just add a Ruffwear lead - the Flat Out Lead is a brilliant adjustable option and you’re ready for your next adventure!

Ruffwear Front Range Dog HarnessRuffwear Switchback Dog HarnessRuffwear Flagline Dog Harness

Right: Front Range Harness; Centre: Switchback Harness; Right: Flagline Harness  


  1. Drying Coat - We love to take a drying coat wherever we go as you just never know when you might get caught in a shower. They’re brilliant to put on wet dogs before getting back into the car or the tent. They’ll help wick moisture away from your dog and help to keep them warm. They also stop your dog dribbling excess moisture inside!

Chihuahua wearing the Ruff & Tumble Drying Coat  Cockapoo wearing the Ruff & Tumble Design Collection. Drying coat in Beach Stripe  Labrador wearing a Ruff & Tumble Country Collection Drying Coat

Left: Ruff & Tumble Classic Drying Coat in Sandringham Blue; Centre: Ruff & Tumble Design Collection Drying Coat in Beach; Right: Ruff & Tumble Country Collection Drying Coat in Mud 


  1. Insect Shield Snood - Being outdoors in the Spring and Summer is super fun but it can have its drawbacks too. One of those is the number of insects around at this time of year. To help stop them from pestering your dog, you could have them wear this doggy snood by Scruffs. It’ll keep mosquitoes and fleas at bay and leave your pup free to have a good time!

Scruffs Insect Shield Doggy Snood

  1. Dexas Popware Snack Duo - This is a brilliant accessory to pop in your travel bag. It allows you to fill half  with food or treats and half with water so you can give your pup on-the-go snacks when they need it. Ideal for days out and long journeys. It even comes with a handy pop-up bowl for quick servings. It’s the perfect travel feeding companion for quick snacks without getting your whole feeding kit out. Available in a series of striking colours!


Dexas Popware Snack Duo Cup for pet treats, food and waterDexas Popware snack duo in purple


  1. Petall AllRound Giant Pet Wipes - Wipes are an absolute must. These large ones by PetAll are a useful size for all kinds of clean-ups and are fully pet safe. You can clean your dog’s fur if it gets sticky and also use to clean down bedding or other surfaces when needed. A must for any travel bag and great for camping trips.


Petall AllRound Giant Pet Wipes



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