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What To Do With your Pets At Easter


Cat and dog with eggs for Easter

We don’t need any excuse to spend extra time with our pets, or to do fun things with them. So, when Easter comes around, we usually jump at the chance to do just that! There are a number of ways we can include our pets in the Easter holiday, and we thought we'd share our ideas in this week’s article. We haven't just thought about the canines in the family, but there are one or two things we've thought of to include our feline pets as well.


We also take the time to highlight a few potential dangers that Easter can pose to our pets, so make sure you read the full article and enjoy this special time of year in safety.


Puppy in a Daisy field


Easter Activities for Pets

Easter Egg Hunt

When the Easter bunny comes, why not get them to leave eggs for your pets as well as your children?! Creating an Easter egg hunt can a be really exciting game for your dog. You could either pop some of their favourite treats in some of their puzzle chew toys, or you could use peeled hard-boiled eggs too. Just make sure you don’t overfeed them with the eggs - perhaps one or two eggs for an adult dog! You could hide the eggs and the treat stuffed toys around the house, or even the garden if it’s a fine day. It’ll give them a brain boosting puzzle game as well as a tasty treat as reward for their efforts.


Your cat doesn’t have to miss out on the fun either. The Treat Ball by Catit is ideal for an Easter egg game. Pop your cat’s treats inside the ball and watch as they chase it around trying to free the tasty prize inside. You could also use some of the plastic eggs that are often found in shops at this time of year. Just make sure you supervise your cats at all times and safely dispose of (or repurpose) the plastic afterwards.


Easter egg hunt Sign


Easter Photoshoot

Who doesn’t love taking super cute pictures of their pets? Whether it’s for the family album, Instagram or Facebook; documenting our pet’s lives is a lovely to save memories. You could dress your pup in a snazzy jumper, bow tie or bandana - Easter themed of course! - and snap away. You could try to get your cats involved too. We know how independent our feline friends can be so it might be a swift 30 second photoshoot! Think about what props you might use. A basket could be cute for small dogs and cats, or a background of flowers (pet-safe of course). Whatever you choose to do, make it cute and make sure you give your pets a tasty treat for their efforts at the end.

Cockapoo dog wearing a floral bandana       Cat wearing bunny ears and sitting in an Easter basket.


Picnic in the Garden

If the weather is kind, you could take the fun outdoors and have a picnic in the garden. This could be a lovely treat for the entire family. If the sun comes out, you could even make it into a barbecue. Just remember some delicious snacks for your four-legged friends!


Meet Up with Other Canine Pals for a Playdate

How about treating your dog to a playdate with his best dog pals? We’ve been in a nationwide lockdown here in the UK and it might be exciting for you and your dogs to meet up with friends in the park or at the beach for a stroll. This of course relies on lockdown restrictions - we’re on track for outdoor meets with up to 6 other people from March 29th but do keep an eye on the restrictions and guidance when Easter approaches as the rules may change at any time.


Easter Gifts for Pets

You may have already bought an Easter egg for your children or other loved ones, but have you thought about your pets? It could be something edible or even a new toy or wearable. We have a host of lovely things in our Easter department, so why not take a browse and prepare an ‘eggciting’ present for them?!


Easter gift for dogs    Easter gift for Cats


Easter Safety For Pets

Whatever activities and events you plan with your pets, make sure you think about their safety throughout the holiday. There are a number of foods and plants that are common at this time of year, that are toxic to cats and dogs. If you do have these in the house, just ensure that they’re kept safely away from your pets. Here we list some of the key things to keep out of reach of pets at Easter:


Chocolate - This is an obvious one, but it’s important to remember that chocolate is toxic to dogs. They may well take a fancy to it if they get a chance to taste it, so you need to make sure any Easter eggs and other human sweets are safely kept away from your dogs.


Sultanas, currants and other dried fruits - Hot cross buns are a seasonal staple at Easter. Make sure these and any ingredients used to make them are kept out of reach of your pets as they can make them really poorly. It isn’t fully understood, what in these foods is so bad - all we know is that they can cause serious illness in some pets.


Springtime flowers and bulbs - You may receive flowers as a gift at this time of year and your garden may start to bloom with new plants too. Certain springtime plants such as Daffodils, Hyacinths, Bluebells and Azaleas are toxic to pets. It’s best to keep an eye on what types of flowers you keep indoors, and if they are toxic to pets to keep them out of reach of inquisitive noses. You might like to read our past article where we highlight some the Most Poisonous Springtime Plants.


Cat and dog snuggling in the garden


Have Fun With Your Pets This Easter

Whatever you choose to do with your furry family members this Easter make sure you have fun. With lockdown restrictions slowly easing, there will hopefully be plenty of opportunity to get outside and enjoy the bank holiday weekend. Even if you keep it simple, just enjoying some fresh air and a walk with a friend or a family member that you haven’t seen in a while could be a wonderful treat!

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