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Cat Proofing Your Home


Cat Proofing Your Home

Do you have an inquisitive feline? Perhaps you’re about to be a first-time cat owner? Your home will soon become their home and making sure they’re safe in their environment will be really important. We thought wed put together a handy guide to Cat Proofing your home and making sure you're ready for their arrival. 


We also have a handy illustrated guide form the guys over at Sainbury’s Bank Money Matters Blog to help you remember the main points. 


cat sitting outside in a golden field


Hide Away Harmful Foods

The first top tip is to ensure to make sure harmful human foods are stored away from your new pet. Your new cat or kitten needs to have a safe environment which means keeping foods that are poisonous to cats stored safely away; they will want to explore and will be highly inquisitive, so make sure they can't get to anything that isn't safe. Some of the foods that are toxic to cats are: grapes & raisins; chocolate; raw eggs; caffeinated drinks and alcohol. 


Cat Safety around the Home

There are other potential hazards for your cat around theme, not just human foods.


Beware of electrical wires and cords - we all know how much cats and kittens love to play. A stray lead behind the tv or overhanging wire in the kitchen will look oh so inviting to your hunting kitty. Make sure they are tucked safely away and out of reach of playful cats. 


Keep Medicines and cleaning supplies locked away - This may seem obvious, but it's easy to take a tablet from the cupboard and leave the bottle on the side. If you have cats (or any other pets) make sure all medical supplies are kept safely locked away in a cupboard, draw or cabinet. The same goes for household cleaning products. you might want to start checking the back of certain products that you buy to see the recommendations they have regarding pets. Some fly sprays for instance are highly toxic to cats - so be fully aware of what you are using around your home and make sure products are pet-safe.  


Check your Washing Machine - Cats love snuggling down in secret, dark corners for a snooze. you may have provided them with the most comfortable bed you can find but they are sure to find other places to snooze too! Be careful of your washing machine once your new kitten comes home - keep the door closed even when not in use and always make sure your inquisitive kitty hasn't sneaked inside before starting a cycle.


Flowers - There are may types of flowers and plants that are actually toxic to cats and other pets. Try to keep indoor flowers and plants out of reach of your cat. you might want to check that your garden has no varieties that are toxic to cats either.


cat sitting on a windowsill next to houseplants


Kitten Training with Children

Introducing a cat to your home is rather different from introducing a dog. Where the latter can be trained and will enjoy lots of human socialisation, cats tend to be rather more independent. Of course there are many lap cats who love a fuss and a cuddle on the sofa, but for every lap cat there are probably two or three much more independent felines - and we should love them for it!

With this in mind teaching our children to respect their new feline family members and understand their needs is really important.  Teach your children to pet and stroke kitten gently and also teach them to stop when kitten shows signs that they've had enough. A swishing tail or turned back ears are just two signs that your cat is less than happy. A nice way to involve your children is to include them when feeding your cat. The main thing is teaching respect and ensuring your cat or kitten has somewhere they retreat to when they want to enjoy some alone time.


How to cat Proof Your Home Visual Guide

Here's a handy visual guide of our tips and tricks. Why not print it off and keep it in your diary or on your fridge as a quick reference guide?!


cat proofing your home


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​​​If you have any questions, about this article in particular or something more general, do get in touch. 

Also, make sure you check out the Money Matters Blog for articles relating to all kinds of things, from finance to more general lifestyle articles. 

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